Welcome to the World’s Richest “Frontier Market”

Tim MelvinTim Melvin

Banking unreasonably good returns – 20% or more per year – requires an unconventional approach to investing and a global perspective.

As Americans, we sit smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest, richest, most diversified, and most developed markets on Earth. A lot of times, U.S. investors don’t see the need to look elsewhere for opportunities, even if they offer outrageous profit potential.

Sure, we hear a lot about the rise of China, for instance, or India, and there’s plenty of money to be made there. But for truly phenomenal profit potential, I’m looking even further afield.

I’m looking at Africa. And as a guy who loves to rake in money, I like what I see.

The headlines don’t inspire confidence: deadly floods in East Africa, the ultra-violent militants of al-Shabaab, Cape Town’s potentially fatal water crisis. The media sensationalizes the place as rife with violent conflicts, corrupt governments, and starvation.

All of this only reminds me of the words of legendary investor John Templeton. He advised, “People are always asking me where the outlook is good, but that’s the wrong question. The right question is: Where is the outlook most miserable?”

He was touting the benefits of not following the crowd, and I think that applies here. Fortunes are born in troubled markets, in no small part from folks’ burning desire to not be so troubled anymore. And huge parts of Africa currently qualify as uncertain, if not outright distressed.

That’s why some of the biggest investment funds in the world are quickly pouring money into these uncertain and distressed – and undervalued – areas…

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Tim MelvinTim Melvin

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