Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015

“Other guys read Playboy. I read annual reports.”
— Warren Buffett

I’m not quite as fanatical as Warren, but I do enjoy digging into a company’s annual report to learn something new.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reading the annual reports, called 10-Ks, of a pile of well-known companies, first page to the last. This week: Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO  ) .

Here are five things I learned from Coke’s annual report (which you can read here).

1. Inflation protection: less than some investors assume
One of the best ways to combat inflation over time is to invest in high-quality common stocks that can raise prices without cutting into sales. One of the most oft-cited examples of this is Coca-Cola, which enjoys a thick moat and deep brand loyalty. Indeed, Coke’s annual report writes: “We believe that, over time, we are able to increase prices to counteract the majority of the inflationary effects of increasing costs.”

But in the short and medium run, inflation can do a number on profits, even to a company like Coke. Take this quote from the company’s annual report (emphasis mine):

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Cleantech Solutions International Inc (CLNT)

Cleantech Solutions International, Inc., incorporated on June 24, 1987, manufactures and sells forged products and fabricated products to a range of clean technology customers, including forged rolled rings and related products for the wind power industry and other industries and equipment to the solar industry. The Company also makes textile dyeing and finishing machines. The Company is owner of Fulland Limited (Fulland). Fulland owns 100% of Green Power Environment Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Green Power) and Wuxi Fulland Wind Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fulland Wind Energy), which are wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOE) organized under the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Green Power is a party to a series of contractual arrangements with Wuxi Huayang Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Electrical) and Wuxi Huayang Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Dyeing). Dyeing produces and sells a range of high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery for the textile industry. The Company refers to this segment as the dyeing division. The Company is engaged in two business segments: the forged rolled rings and related components segment, in which it manufacture and sell forged rolled rings, yaw bearings and shafts, and other forged components for the wind power and other industries, as well as equipment for the solar power industry, and the dyeing and finishing equipment segment, in which it manufactures and sell textile dyeing and finishing machines.

Forged Rolled Rings and Related Components Segment

The Company produces precision forged rolled rings and other forged components to the wind and other industries. Forged rolled rings and other forged components for the wind industry are used in wind turbines, which are used to generate wind power. It also manufactures shafts and forged rolled rings for gear rims, flanges and other applications. In addition to the wind industry, it sells its forged rolled rings and other forged components in other industries, inclu! ding heavy machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgical, sea port machinery, defense and radar manufacturing industries, which uses its forged rolled rings railway as components in the manufacture of equipment. It produces precision forgings using axial close-die forging technology, which is a technology for producing rotary precision forgings, using forging equipment, which it manufactured for its own use.

During the year ended December 31, 2011, the Company manufactured and delivered test subassemblies for solar cell manufacturing equipment, which marked its entry into the solar products market. It supplies solar components used in production of multi crystalline and mono crystalline silicon wafers. Solar industry capabilities include the manufacture of complex pressure vessels and chamber, high temperature vessels, and thick-walled vessels. Its forged rolled rings and other related products are sold for use by manufacturers of industrial equipment.< /p>

The Company competes with Wuxi Dachang Group.

Dyeing and Finishing Equipment Segment

Through the Company’s dyeing and finishing segment, it designs, manufactures and distributes a range of high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery. Its products feature both automation and mechanical-electrical integration. Its products are used in dyeing yarns, such as pure cotton, cotton-polyester, terylene, polyester wool, poly-acrylic fiber, nylon, cotton ramie, and wool yarn.

The Company competes with Fong’s National Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Roberto Pedone]

    Another basic materials player that looks ready to trigger a major breakout trade is Cleantech Solutions (CLNT), which manufactures and sells high-precision forged rolled rings, yaw bearings and shafts. It also manufactures and sells textile dyeing and finishing machines. This stock is off to a strong start in 2013, with shares up 58%.

    If you take a look at the chart for Cleantech Solutions, you’ll notice that this stock has been uptrending for the last two months and change, with shares moving higher from its low of $4.82 to its recent high of $7.04 a share. During that uptrend, shares of CLNT have been consistently making higher lows and higher highs, which is bullish technical price action. That move has now pushed shares of CLNT within range of triggering a major breakout trade.

    Traders should now look for long-biased trades in CLNT if it manages to break out above some near-term overhead resistance levels at $6.68 to $7.04 a share, and then once it takes out more resistance at $7.79 a share with high volume. Look for a sustained move or close above those levels with volume that hits near or above its three-month average volume of 758,917 shares. If that breakout hits soon, then CLNT will set up to re-test or possibly take out its next major overhead resistance levels at $9 to $10 a share.

    Traders can look to buy CLNT off any weakness to anticipate that breakout and simply use a stop that sits right below its 50-day at $5.67 a share, or around more support at $5 a share. One could also buy CLNT off strength once it takes out those breakout levels with volume and then simply use a stop that sits a comfortable percentage from your entry point.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc (MSM)

MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. (MSC), incorporated on October 25, 1995, is direct marketers and distributors of a range of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products to customers throughout the United States. The Company operates primarily in the United States, with customers in all 50 states, through a network of five customer fulfillment centers (four customer fulfillment centers are located within the United States and one is located in the United Kingdom and 106 branch offices (104 branches are located within the United States, one is located in the United Kingdom and the other is located in Mexico). The Company offers approximately 600,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) through its master catalogs, weekly, monthly and quarterly specialty and promotional catalogs, brochures and the Internet, including its Websites,, and (MSC Websites). In April 2013, the Company announced that it has completed the acqu isition of the North American distribution business (BDNA or the Business) of Barnes Group Inc.

The Company’s customers include a range of purchasers of industrial supply products, from individual machine shops to Fortune 1000 companies, to government agencies, such as the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Defense. The Company uses its database of companies and contacts, and the Company also purchases information on prospective customers in the form of databases, mailing lists, and email lists to target the distribution of these various publications and other marketing vehicles to specific individuals within an organization whose purchasing history or other criteria suggest receptiveness to specific publication titles and promotions. The Company also provides electronic ordering capabilities (EDI and XML) to support its customers’ purchase order processing.

The Company’s products represent a range of MRO products that inc lude cutting tools; measuring instruments; tooling component! s; metalworking products; fasteners; flat stock; raw materials; abrasives; machinery hand and power tools; safety and janitorial supplies; plumbing supplies; materials handling products; power transmission components; and electrical supplies. The Company provides product information and ordering capabilities on the Internet. The Company also maintains a hardware and software platform in support of its VMI program, which allows customers to integrate scanner-accumulated orders directly into its Sales Order Entry system.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Garrett Cook]

    MSC Industrial Direct Co (NYSE: MSM) was down, falling 4.79 percent to $88.91 after the company reported Q3 earnings of $1.06 per share on revenue of $720.50 million. The company also issued a weak Q4 earnings outlook.

  • [By Garrett Cook]

    MSC Industrial Direct Co (NYSE: MSM) was down, falling 3.97 percent to $89.67 after the company reported Q3 earnings of $1.06 per share on revenue of $720.50 million. The company also issued a weak Q4 earnings outlook.

  • [By Anna Prior]

    MSC Industrial Direct Co.(MSM) said its fiscal third-quarter earnings edged higher will revenue increased following higher demand. Still, shares dropped 5.8% to $87.89.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Dollar/Yen (YY)

YY Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates an online social platform in the People’s Republic of China. It provides YY Client, a personal computer based user software that offers real-time access to user-created online social activities groups. The company also offers Web-based YY that enables users to conduct real-time interactions on the Web without any downloads or installations; and Mobile YY, a smartphone application. In addition, it operates, a game media Website that provides information on online games and other resources for users and online game players. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Monica Gerson]

    YY (NASDAQ: YY) shares dropped 1.89% to $79.95 in pre-market trading after the company announced a proposed offering of $400 million convertible senior notes.

  • [By Tom Taulli]

    So what are the overlooked social stocks to take a look at? Here are the top three:

    YY (YY)

    Based in China, YY (YY) operates a social media platform that allows users to communicate in real-time via voice, text and video. Some of the activities include karaoke, online games, music concerts and even e-learning.


    Just look at what happened with YY Inc. (ADR) (Nasdaq: YY). The firm went public in December 2012, and KWEB got on board.

    In fact, the fund has invested 3.4% of its assets in YY, which despite the market’s recent weakness is up nearly 450% since the stock began trading in the U.S.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Scientific Games Corp (SGMS)

Scientific Games Corporation (Scientific Games), incorporated on July 2, 1984, is a global supplier of solutions to lottery and gaming organizations worldwide. The Company’s products and services include instant lottery games, lottery gaming systems, terminals and services, and Internet applications, as well as server-based interactive gaming machines and associated gaming control systems. The Company reports its operations in three segments: Printed Products Group, Lottery Systems Group and Diversified Gaming Group. Printed Products Group is a provider of instant lottery tickets in the world. The Company’s Lottery Systems Group is a provider of customized computer software, software support, equipment and data communication services to lotteries. Its Diversified Gaming Group provides services and systems to private and public operators in the wide area gaming industry, including server-based gaming machines and sports betting systems and services. On September 23, 201 1, the Company acquired Barcrest Group Limited. During 2011, the Company launched MDI Interactive, a content services powerhouse dedicated to delivering gaming solutions for the Internet, mobile and all digital things. In October 2013, the Company announced that it has completed the acquisition of WMS Industries Inc.

Printed Products

Printed Products segment is primarily consists of instant ticket lottery business. The Company generates revenue from the manufacturing and sale of instant tickets, as well as the provision of value-added services, such as game design, sales and marketing support, specialty games and promotions, inventory management and warehousing and fulfillment services. It also provides lotteries with cooperative service programs (CSPs), to help them manage and support their operations. The Company also provides licensed games, promotional entertainment and Internet-based services to the lottery industry. It operates six instant ti cket printing facilities across five continents.


The Company provides lotteries with access to some entertainment brands on lottery products through its subsidiary MDI Entertainment LLC (MDI). The Company’s licensed entertainment brands include Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball, Monopoly, National Basketball Association, The Price is Right, Wheel-of-Fortune and World Poker Tour. It also provides branded merchandise prizes, advertising, promotional support, turnkey drawing management services and prize fulfillment programs. In addition, it offers lotteries a Web-based platform called Properties Plus, which features players clubs, reward programs, second chance promotional websites, interactive games and, subject to applicable law, a subscription system that enables players to purchase lottery games securely over the Internet. The Company owns 20% interests in LNS ad Northstar, and 49% in CSG.

Lottery Systems

The Company is a provider of customized computer software, software support, eq uipment and data communication services to lotteries. In the United States, the Company typically provides the necessary equipment, software and maintenance services pursuant to long-term facilities. Internationally, it typically sells terminals and/or computer software to lottery authorities and may provide ongoing fee-based systems and software support services. The Company’s lottery systems business includes the supply of transaction-processing software, draw lottery games, keno, point-of-sale terminals, central site computers and communication platforms as well as ongoing operational support and maintenance services. The Company is the instant ticket validation network provider to the China Sports Lottery.

The Company has lottery systems operating in Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, it provides video lottery central monitoring , and control systems and networks primarily to lotteries an! d gaming ! regulators. It also provides software, hardware and support for sports wagering systems. The Company has 50% interest in Guard Libang, a provider of instant ticket activation and validation and inventory management systems and services.


The Company is a provider of server-based gaming machines and systems and other products and services to operators in the gaming industry. The Company’s Gaming segment includes The Global Draw Limited (Global Draw), a supplier of server-based gaming machines and systems, and game content primarily to bookmakers that operate licensed betting offices (LBOs) in the United Kingdom, and to gaming operators outside the United Kingdom. The Gaming segment also includes Barcrest Group Limited (Barcrest) and Games Media Limited (Games Media), suppliers of gaming machines, systems and game content to pubs, bingo halls and arcades in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

The Company provides its Gami ng customers with gaming machines, remote management of game content and management information, central computer systems, secure data communication and field support services. It develops its own game content, and supplements its offering with content from third parties. As of December 31, 2011, the Company installed approximately 23,100 LBO gaming machines in the United Kingdom, which included approximately 8,000 LBO gaming. As of December 31, 2011, it had an installed base of approximately 6,100 gaming machines in its United Kingdom pub, bingo hall and arcade business, and installed approximately 6,500 gaming machines outside of the United Kingdom. During 2011, the Company owned a 50% interest in Sciplay, a joint venture with Playtech Services (Cyprus) Limited. It also owns 29.4% interests in RCN, and 20% in Sportech.

The Compnay competes with Pollard Banknote Limited, GTECH, BI Worldwide Ltd., Alchemy3, LLC, ePrize, LLC, GTECH, Pollard, Intralot Technologie s, Inc., International Lottery and Totalizator Systems, Inc.! , Inspire! d Gaming Group Limited, Danoptra Ltd, Sceptre Leisure plc, Games Warehouse Limited, International Game Technology, Lottomatica, Bally Technologies, Inc., Inspired, Aristocrat Leisure Ltd, Novomatic AG, Multimedia Games, Inc., WMS Industries Inc., Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Amaya Gaming Group, Inc., Cryptologic Ltd., IGT, Microgaming Software Systems Ltd., Net Entertainment NE AB, NYX Gaming Group, OpenBet Technology Ltd. and Playtech Limited.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Travis Hoium]

    What: Shares of Scientific Games (NASDAQ: SGMS  ) jumped 10% in late trading today after signing an important customer.

    So what: The company announced that it has signed a contract extension to provide lottery gaming and instant ticket services for the Oklahoma Lottery. This was actually disclosed earlier this year, but investors bid up shares leading up to the announcement and nearly five times the three-month average volume of shares traded hands today.  

  • [By Stock Maelstrom]

    We are likely approaching the last time I will be reporting on WMS Industries (WMS), the former Williams Electronics. It has agreed to be acquired by Scientific Games (SGMS) for $26 per share, plus the assumption of WMS’ modest debt. The deal is scheduled to close by the end of this year. On its own, WMS is having a dismal fiscal year, which ends June 30. For this year, the company, no doubt with distracted management, earnings are likely to end at about $0.90 per share, compared with fiscal 2012’s $1.31 per share. Helping drive earnings lower are additional measures the company is taking to drive up revenues, which remain well below last decade’s peak. WMS’ stock has flat lined the past few months at within three percent of the $26 price. There is virtually no upside, though there is downside if the deal collapses. I see no reason to get invested in WMS.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund (JQC)

Nuveen Multi-Strategy Income & Growth Fund 2 (the Fund), formerly Nuveen Preferred and Convertible Income Fund 2, is a diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund intends to invest in a portfolio of preferred securities, securities and, to a lesser degree, high yield securities. The Fund may also invest in other debt instruments and common stocks acquired upon conversion of a convertible security.

On January 1, 2005, Nuveen Institutional Advisory Corp. (NIAC), the Funds’ previous adviser, and its affiliate, Nuveen Advisory Corp. (NAC), were merged into Nuveen Asset Management (NAM), each wholly owned subsidiaries of Nuveen Investments, Inc. (Nuveen). As a result of the merger, NAM is the Adviser to all funds previously advised by either NIAC or NAC. The investment portfolio of the Fund includes JPMorgan Chase & Company, ING Group NV, Union Planters Corporation, HBSC Holdings Public Limited Company, Wachovia Corporation, Omnicare Capital Tru st II, Hanover Compressor Capital Trust and CIT Group Incorporated.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By John Dowdee]

    The following 10 funds satisfied all of these conditions:

    BlackRock Float Rate Strategies (FRA). This CEF sells at a discount of 3%, which is low compared to an average premium of 2% over the past year. The distribution has been managed at 6.1% and a small amount (less than 10%) has been return of capital (ROC). However, this has not negatively affected net asset value (NAV) so has not been destructive. The fund holds 447 securities, with 90% in floating rate loans. FRA utilizes 27% leverage and has an expense ratio of 1.7%, including interest payments. Eaton Vance Floating Rate (EFR). This CEF sells at a 1% premium, which is low compared to an average premium of 5% over the past year. The distribution is 6.2%, none of which was ROC. The fund holds 800 securities, with 90% in floating rate loans. About 85% of the securities are from U.S. companies. EFR utilizes 35% leverage and has an expense ratio of 1.8% including interest payments. ING Prime Rate Tr ust (PPR). This CEF sells for a premium of 2%, which is below the average premium of 5%. It has a distribution of 6.8%, none of which was ROC. The fund has 350 holdings, virtually all in senior loans and from US companies. PPR utilizes 29% leverage and has a high expense ratio of 2.1%, including interest payments. Invesco VK Dynamic Credit Opportunities (VTA). This CEF sells for a discount of 5%, which is below the average discount of 1%. It has a distribution of 7.1%, none of which was ROC. The fund has 495 holdings, with 76% in floating rate loans. About 25% of the loans are from non-US companies. VTA utilizes a relatively low 20% leverage but still has a high expense ratio of 2.1%, including interest payments. Invesco VK Senior Income (VVR). This CEF sells for a discount of 1%, which is below the average premium of 3%. It has a distribution of 7.1%, none of which was ROC. The fund has over 500 holdings, with 89% in floating rate loans. Almost all (95%) securities are from US companies. VVR ut

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: India Fund Inc (IFN)

The India Fund, Inc. (the Fund), incorporated on December 27, 1993, is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund’s investment objective is long-term capital appreciation. It invests in Indian equity securities. At least 80% of the Fund’s total assets are invested in equity securities of Indian companies. Its portfolio includes common stocks, warrants and short-term investments. The India Fund, Inc. operates through a branch in the Republic of Mauritius.

The India Fund, Inc. invests in a range of industries, including computer software and programming, computer services, finance, diversified industries, building and construction, cement, chemicals, electronics and electrical equipment, extractive industries, engineering, diversified financial services, petroleum-related industries, pharmaceuticals, steel and telecommunications. Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited is the Fund’s investment manager.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    The India Fund Inc. (NYSE: IFN) is a closed-end fund that trades often at severe discounts or premiums to the net asset value. Its gain is only 0.9% to $18.03, and the 52-week trading range of $16.88 to $24.10 implies that it has recovered only 7% off of its recent lows. It currently trades at a discount of 11% to its NAV according to

  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (NYSEMKT: EPI) is down yet another 2.7% at $13.05, and it hit a new low of $13.00 on Wednesday against a high of $20.50. The PowerShares India (NYSEMKT: PIN) is down another 2.5% at $13.54, and it hit a new low with its 52-week range now at $13.50 to $19.66. The India Fund Inc. (NYSE: IFN) is a closed-end fund rather than an exchange traded fund (ETF), and it is down almost 1.75% at $16.95, with its shares hitting a new multiyear low of 416.88, against a 52-week high of $24.10.

  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    The India Fund Inc. (NYSE: IFN) is down another 5% at $17.55 against a 52-week range of $17.53 to $24.10. shows that it trades at roughly a 9.4% discount to its net asset value.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Avista Corporation (AVA)

Avista Corporation, an energy company, engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy and other energy-related businesses in the United States and Canada. It operates in two segments, Avista Utilities and Advantage IQ. The Avista Utilities segment involves in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity primarily from hydroelectric and thermal sources. It also engages in the distribution of natural gas to retail customers in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and parts of northeast and southwest Oregon, as well as in the wholesale purchase and sale of electricity and natural gas. As of December 31, 2010, this segment operated facilities with a total net capability of 1,791 mega watts, as well as provided retail electric service to 359,000 customers; and retail natural gas service to 319,000 customers. This segment offers electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The Advantage IQ segment provide s sustainable utility expense management and energy management solutions to multi-site companies in North America. It offers invoice processing, auditing and payment services, energy procurement, reporting, advanced analysis, and consulting services. In addition, the company engages in the custom sheet metal fabrication of electronic enclosures, parts, and systems for the computer, telecom, renewable energy, and medical industries; real estate investments, primarily commercial office buildings; and investing in emerging technology venture capital funds and low income housing. Avista Corporation was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in Spokane, Washington.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Dividends4Life]

    Starting in 2013 the federal tax rates on qualified dividends are 0%, 15% and 20%. The 20% rate is for taxpayers in the 39.6% tax bracket. For those in the 10% and 15% brackets, there is no tax on qualified dividends. In contrast, ordinary income is taxed at rates up to up to 39.6%. Below are several stocks that have consistently paid dividends through depressions, recessions, world wars, and other political and economic upheavals:WGL Holdings Inc. (WGL) provides natural gas service in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and surrounding regions, including Maryland and Virginia. Yield: 4.1% | Paid Dividends Since: 1852Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), formed through the merger of Exxon and Mobil in late 1999, is the world’s largest publicly owned integrated oil company. Yield: 2.7% | Paid Dividends Since: 1882Consolidated Edison, Inc. (ED) is an electric and gas utility holding company serves parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Yield: 4.4% | Paid Dividends Since: 1885The Procter & Gamble Company (PG) is a leading consumer products company that markets household and personal care products in more than 180 countries. Yield: 3.2% | Paid Dividends Since: 1891The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is the world’s largest soft drink company, KO also has a sizable fruit juice business. Yield: 2.9% | Paid Dividends Since: 1893General Mills, Inc. (GIS) is a major producer of packaged consumer food products, include cereal, yogurt and Betty Crocker desserts/baking mixes. Yield: 3.0% | Paid Dividends Since: 1898Avista Corp. (AVA) generates, transmits and distributes energy as well as engages in energy-related businesses in the United States and Canada. Yield: 3.0% | Paid Dividends Since: 1899MGE Energy Inc. (MGEE) is a public utility holding company that supplies electric service to apx. 140,000 customers; and natural gas service to apx. 145,000 customers in Wisconsin (as of December 2012). Yield: 2.8% | Paid Dividends Since: 1909Xcel Energy Inc. (XEL) offers energy-related prod

  • [By Seth Jayson]

    Calling all cash flows
    When you are trying to buy the market’s best stocks, it’s worth checking up on your companies’ free cash flow once a quarter or so, to see whether it bears any relationship to the net income in the headlines. That’s what we do with this series. Today, we’re checking in on Avista (NYSE: AVA  ) , whose recent revenue and earnings are plotted below.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Surge Energy Inc (ZPTAF.PK)

Surge Energy Inc. is an oil focused exploration and production (E&P) company. The Company has projects in Southern Saskatchewan/the Williston Basin, SE Alberta and Valhalla/Nipisi. In January 2014, Surge Energy Inc. announced the SE Saskatchewan light oil acquisition. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Value Digger]

    In late January 2013, I wrote an article about Surge Energy (ZPTAF.PK), an oil-weighted intermediate producer with operations in Canada and US. It was when the price dropped below $4. Actually, I recommended Surge Energy back then at $3.7, for the reasons mentioned here.

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2015: Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.(RS)

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. operates as a metals service center company primarily in the United States and Canada. The company provides metals processing services and distributes a line of approximately 100,000 metal products, including alloy, aluminum, brass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and specialty steel products to mills and original equipment manufacturers. Its processing services comprise cutting, leveling, sawing, machining, or electropolishing. The company also offers a range of metal perforating and fabrication services; and steel and alloy pipes, tube and bar products, and precision manufacturing of various tools designed for the global energy service companies. Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. serves manufacturers and end-users in the general manufacturing, non-residential construction, transportation, aerospace, energy, electronics, and semiconductor fabrication and related industries. As of December 31, 2011, it maintained approximately 220 metals service center processing and distribution facilities in the United States, Belgium, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1939 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Kelley Wright]

    Reliance Steel & Aluminum (RS)—yielding 1.8%.

    The Timely Ten is comprised of stocks from the Undervalued category, based on dividend parameters. They generally have an S&P Dividend & Earnings Quality ranking of A- or better, and show exemplary long-term dividend growth.

  • [By Kelley Wright]

    Reliance Steel & Aluminum (RS) is North America’s largest metals service company and is looking to get even bigger. The company has increased dividends 20 times since its IPO in 1994, so its designation for outstanding dividend growth is a no-brainer.

  • [By Monica Gerson]

    Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co (NYSE: RS) is estimated to report its Q3 earnings at $1.20 per share on revenue of $2.54 billion.

    PulteGroup (NYSE: PHM) is expected to report its Q3 earnings at $0.36 per share on revenue of $1.46 billion.