Top Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now

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Politicians in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island have put aside moral and/or addiction concerns over gambling. Instead, they recently asked why all the gambling dollars from their citizens go to the casinos (and governments) in Connecticut and New Jersey. They responded by approving for new gaming facilities in all three states. Below, data on these actions is presented with commentary.

The Current Situation

Table 1 provides gambling revenues and how they have changed since 2007 for northeast US states, with California, Nevada and Macau included as points of reference. The growth in Macau has been truly amazing. And additional facilities continue to be built there. However, as noted in an earlier piece, Japan has just approved a number of new integrated resort casinos. And these can be expected to siphon off some of the gambling from Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Gambling revenues in Nevada, New Jersey, and Connecticut have not recovered from the 2008 global recession caused by the US banking collapse.

Top Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now: Trustmark Corporation(TRMK)

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Top Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now: Eagle Materials Inc(EXP)

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    Eagle Materials Inc. (NYSE: EXP) started in 1963 as a subsidiary of Centex Construction Products. The Dallas-based company spun itself off in 2004. It’s a leading provider of materials you probably don’t think much about but absolutely need.

  • [By Shane Hupp]

    Barings LLC reduced its holdings in shares of Eagle Materials (NYSE:EXP) by 12.1% during the first quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The fund owned 110,475 shares of the construction company’s stock after selling 15,166 shares during the period. Barings LLC owned about 0.23% of Eagle Materials worth $11,384,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

  • [By Max Byerly]

    Eagle Materials (NYSE:EXP) EVP James H. Graass sold 10,000 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, May 15th. The stock was sold at an average price of $110.00, for a total transaction of $1,100,000.00. Following the transaction, the executive vice president now directly owns 61,715 shares in the company, valued at approximately $6,788,650. The sale was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is accessible through this hyperlink.

Top Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now: KeyCorp(KEY)

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    That said, I never completely abandoned the space. I remain long Citigroup (C) , I am flat KeyCorp (KEY) , having managed to maximize that trade earlier this year. Recently, your pal even reloaded his Goldman Sachs (GS) long after having trimmed that position appropriately. That, friends, is based on my belief that volatility will allow this legendary firm to reclaim its reputation. This one, I’ll watch with great anticipation. They report on Tuesday, April 17. My trigger finger itches now.

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Trexquant Investment LP purchased a new stake in KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) during the 1st quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the SEC. The institutional investor purchased 196,090 shares of the financial services provider’s stock, valued at approximately $3,834,000.

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