Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now

Beer Man is a weekly profile of beers from across the country and around the world.

This week: Samuel Adams Utopias 2013

Boston Brewing Co., Boston

Samuel Adams releases its Utopias beer every two years at an insane price, and every batch is very different.

To start off: This year’s edition retails at $199 for a 750ml bottle. The reason is that while it is technically a beer, it smells, tastes and drinks like a liqueur and is 56 proof, or 28% alcohol content.

For those not familiar with Utopias, it is made with a combination of aged strong ale and storage in various combinations of whiskey, brandy, rum and/or wine casks. Every batch differs greatly.

The main aromas and flavors that popped out this year was sherry with a dash of tobacco, which was very different from two years ago when there was a strong rum component. There was a slight sour afternote from the addition of some Belgian ale sources that also resulte d in the tobacco flavor. Unlike past years, I didn’t catch a strong cascade of other competing flavors. Some additional aging may be necessary for this edition.

Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now: Bonavista Energy Corp (BNPUF.PK)

Bonavista Energy Corporation (Bonavista) is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas assets. The Company operates approximately 87% of its assets which are concentrated within three core regions in western Canada. Each core region contains a well-balanced portfolio of oil and natural gas assets with considerable opportunities. Its operations are geographically focused within three regions of Western Canada, which includes Western region, Northern region and Eastern region. The Company’s subsidiaries include Bonavista Petroleum (BP), Bonavista Energy LP (BELP) and Bonavista Energy Inc. (BEI). Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Stephan Dube]

    Cold Lake’s most notable producers:

    Husky Energy (HUSK.PK), see article here.Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGH), see article here.Southern Pacific Resource (STPJF.PK), see article here.Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ), see article here.Devon Energy (DVN), see article here.Imperial Oil (IMO), see article here.Baytex, see article here.Bonavista Energy (BNPUF.PK), see article here.

    Athabasca’s most notable producers:

Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now: Halcon Resources Corp (HK)

Halcon Resources Corporation (Halcon Resources), incorporated on February 5, 2004, is an independent energy company focused on the acquisition, production, exploration and development of onshore liquids-rich oil and natural gas assets in the United States. The Company has oil and natural gas reserves located primarily in Texas, North Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Montana. On August 1, 2012, the Company acquired GeoResources by merger. On December 6, 2012, the Company completed the acquisition of entities owning approximately 81,000 net acres prospective for the Bakken / Three Forks formations primarily located in Williams, Mountrail, McKenzie and Dunn Counties, North Dakota (the Williston Basin Assets), from Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. and Pillar Energy, LLC (the Petro-Hunt parties). As of December 31, 2012, the Company has working interests in approximately 128,000 net acres prospective for the Bakken / Three Forks formations in North Dakota and Montana.

The Compan y’s Woodbine / Eagle Ford acreage is prospective for the Woodbine, Eagle Ford and other formations, with targeted depths ranging anywhere from 7,000 feet to 10,400 feet. As of December 31, 2012, The Company has approximately 198,000 net acres leased or under contract primarily in Leon, Madison, Grimes, Brazos, and Polk Counties, Texas. The Company is the operator and has a 100% working interest in more than 12,000 net acres in Wichita and Wilbarger Counties, Texas that it is actively water flooding in shallow Cisco aged Pennsylvania sandstone and limestone reservoirs. As of December 31, 2012, the Company produced 484 million barrels of oil equivalent from approximately 700 active producing wells and approximately 230 active water injection wells.

The Company’s position in the La Copita Field covers 3,720 gross acres and 2,829 net acres in Starr County, Texas. As of December 31, 2012, the Company’s average net daily production was 623 barrels of oil equiva lent per day. The Company operates 100% of this production a! nd its working interest ranges from 75% to 100%. The Company has various other oil and natural gas properties with varying working interests located across the United States, including the Austin Chalk Trend and Eagle Ford Shale in Texas, the Fitts-Allen Fields in Central Oklahoma, and various other areas across South Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Robert Rapier]

    Q: What is your opinion on Halcon Resources?

    Halcon Resources (NYSE: HK) is an upstream oil and gas producer with operations focused in the Bakken in North Dakota, the Utica in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and in the Eagle Ford in Texas. Over the past two years shares of the company have been on a steady decline, falling 71 percent.

    A big knock on Halcon is that it significantly overpaid for its Utica acreage and that its relatively high level of debt will make it difficult to climb out of the hole they dug for themselves. I believe the share price will turn up this year, but I would wait on the sidelines for now as it still seems to be seeking a bottom. With this much downward momentum and bad news, it would be a really speculative play until it is clear that the company has turned the corner. At present, that isn’t the case.

    Q: Could you offer any insight/comment on Swift Energy, which seems to be moving towards oil from natgas?

  • [By Yiannis Mostrous]

    We expect the company to enjoy a solid 2014, thanks to a robust project pipeline in Hong Kong and steadily growing income from its rental units and hotels. The company will be launching three projects in 2014 in Hong Kong (HK), for a total of 4,715 units, and once they receive their presale consents from the HK authorities, it will be a positive catalyst for the company.

Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now: OriginOil Inc (OOIL)

OriginOil, Inc., incorporated on June 1, 2007, is a technology company. The Company is primarily involved in research and development activities, and sales of pilot and demonstration equipment. The Company has developed an energy production process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil and gas water. To develop the energy and ancillary markets, the Company sells smaller-scale equipment, such as the Algae Appliance. The Company’s process, CLEAN-FRAC, represents a generation of water treatment that is chemical free. The Company’s water cleanup technology, Electro Water Separation (EWS), is a chemical-free process that extracts organic contaminants from large quantities of water. Its products include EWS Algae, EWS Algae A4, EWS Algae A60, EWS Algae A200, EWS Petro P160, and EWS Aqua Q60.

The Company intends to embed its technology into larger systems through licensing and joint ventures. The Company is in the process of pursuing secondary licensing opportu nities outside of energy, including aquaculture. EWS Algae A4 is an entry-level algae harvester designed to make it easier and faster for producers and researchers to try and buy the Company’s harvesting technology. EWS Algae A60 is a pilot scale algae harvester providing a low energy, chemical-free, continuous flow wet harvest system to dewater and concentrate the microalgae. EWS Petro Model 160 is designed to remove organics, such as crude oil, and suspended solids and bacteria from process water, such as produced or frac flowback water at a continuous flow rate of one barrel per minute or 160 liters per minute in continuous, chemical free operation. EWS Aqua Q60 is a commercial fish farming pond water treatment system, designed to clean pond water of ammonia, bacteria and aquatic animal pathogens in a continuous loop.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By CRWE]

    Today, OOIL has shed (-3.12%) down -0.01 at $.31 with 95,929 shares in play thus far (ref. google finance Delayed: 2:04PM EDT October 15, 2013).

    OriginOil, Inc. previously reported it has signed its first pay-per-barrel agreement with Industrial Systems, Inc. (ISI) for a water treatment system integrating OriginOil’s process as the first stage of treatment.

    Delta, Colorado-based ISI has agreed that it will operate the Model P160 as part of its overall frac flowback water cleanup service, and pay OriginOil a fee for each barrel processed.

Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now: Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (CHKR)

Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (the Trust) is a trust formed to own royalty interests for the benefit of Trust unitholders conveyed to the trust by Chesapeake Energy Corporation (Chesapeake). The royalty interests held by the Trust (Royalty Interests) are derived from Chesapeake’s interests in specified oil and natural gas properties located in the Colony Granite Wash play in Washita County in the Anadarko Basin of western Oklahoma. Chesapeake conveyed the Royalty Interests to the Trust from its interests in 69 existing horizontal wells (Producing Wells) and Chesapeake’s interests in 118 horizontal development wells (Development Wells) to be drilled on properties within the Area of Mutual Interest (AMI). The AMI is limited to only the Colony Granite Wash formation, where Chesapeake held approximately 45,400 gross acres (29,300 net acres) as of December 31, 2011. The Colony Granite Wash is located at the eastern end of a series of Des Moines-age granite wash fields that extend along the southern flank of the Anadarko Basin, approximately 60 miles into the Texas Panhandle. The Colony Granite Wash is a formation encountered at depths between approximately 11,500 feet and 13,000 feet that lies between the top of the Des Moines formation (or top of Colony Granite Wash A) and the top of the Prue formation (or base of Colony Granite Wash C). Colony Granite Wash is primarily a natural gas and natural gas condensate reservoir based on reserve volumes.

As of December 31, 2011, the all of the Producing Wells were completed, 66 Producing Wells were producing and approximately 11.5 Development Wells were completed and producing. As of December 31, 2011, the remaining three Producing Wells were temporarily offline. As of July 1, 2011, Chesapeake owned on average a 52.8% net revenue interest in the Producing Wells, and Trust received an average 47.5% net revenue interest in the Producing Wells, and Chesapeake on average owned a 52.0% net rev enue interest in the Development Wells. As of March 15, 2012! , Chesapeake owned 61,100 net acres (of which 29,300 net acres are subject to the Royalty Interests). As of March 15, 2012, Chesapeake operated 95% of the Producing Wells and the completed Development Wells.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Lawrence Meyers]

    CYS seems to be approaching the business carefully and is on top of things. That makes me feel a little bit more secure about its 15% dividend yield.

    Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (CHKR)

    Dividend Yield: 24.4%

  • [By Matt DiLallo]

    Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (NYSE: CHKR  )
    Created by Chesapeake Energy, the Granite Wash Trust owns royalty interests in 69 currently producing wells and 118 wells that are still to be drilled in Oklahoma in an area of mutual interest. The wells within the trust are producing out of the Granite Wash formation of the Anadarko Basin. As you can see on the map below, the trust has a very focused area of interest.

Top 5 Energy Companies To Invest In Right Now: Red Fork Energy Ltd (RDFEY)

Red Fork Energy Limited is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused in the midcontinent of the United States. The Company’s Big River project is exploiting the oil and liquids rich gas bearing Mississippi limestone formation (the Mississippi Play). The Company’s East Oklahoma project is located east of Tulsa in Oklahoma. The Company’s subsidiaries include Red Fork (USA) Investments, Inc. and EastOK Pipeline LLC. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Sally Jones] urrent RDFEY share price is 3.69, or 53.6% off the 52-week high of $7.95.

    Down 49% over 12 months, RDFEY has a market cap of $164.78 million, and trades at a P/B of 1.40.

    Red Fork Energy Limited is engaged in shale gas and oil exploration and production in USA. Red Fork Energy has a large landholding in Oklahoma with producing oil and gas fields, as well as highly prospective development acreage. The company has positioned itself in a premier on-shore, horizontal oil resource play, with a large and growing position in the Mississippi Lime oil and gas play.

    The company reported second quarter 2013 financial results with record sales of $6.985 million for the quarter, representing a 72.5%% increase from the previous quarter. The company had record gross production of 174.8 million barrels oil equivalents, a 33.4% increase from the previous quarter.

    Revenue and net income tracking: