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Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2017

Shares of Fred’s (FRED) are up more than 3% today after activist investorAlden Global Capital announced a 25% stake in the retailer. But that’s pocket change compared to the 81% rise on Tuesday following the announcement that Fred’s would more than double in size by buying more than 800 stores from Rite Aid (RAD) and Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA).

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Bored with the battle between The Donald and Pope Francis? Turn to Twitter (TWTR). Thats where Tesla Motors (TSLA) CEO Elon Muskappeared to take the Koch brothersto task this morning over their possible renewed efforts to attack electric cars.

Musk started with a one-word Tweet, Sigh,” which he linked to a Huffington Postreport regarding a new group with ties to Koch Industries and....More>>>

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There seems to be a prevailing notion that nuclear is on a decline. The Wall Street Journal put out an article the other day on several nuclear power plants that are going to close. Fortunately for the price of uranium and Cameco (NYSE:CCJ), the markets already know this.

The Journal correctly pointed out that Entergy’s (NYSE:ETR) Indian Point Plant, 35 miles of New York City, will....More>>>

Top 10 Stocks To Watch Right Now

First, a Brief Recap of Prior Predictions

Recommendation #1 Worked Well – If you have been following my work, I recommended that you sell your marijuana stocks on or about the November 8 election date, anticipating an upside over-reaction. Recommendation #2 Worked Well – I made reference in this article, where the below is a snippet:

Recommendation #3 Worked Well –....More>>>

10 Safe Dividend Stocks to Own During the Next Market Crash

With the stock market now entering its ninth year of an epic bull run, and share prices at all-time highs, many investors are worried that dividend stocks, growth stocks — all stocks! — are trading at highly overvalued levels and set for a market crash.

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While corrections are inevitable, at the same time history shows....More>>>

Top 10 Casino Stocks To Own For 2017

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Source: Small Biz Survival, Huffington Post and Square

Why do I think Square (NYSE:SQ) is heading for profitability?
The company’s growth rate is very impressive. In 2013, the company generated about $203 million in net revenue while the company expects to generate $1.71 billion net revenue in 2016. Accumulated growth rate from 2013 to 2016 is about 428%.....More>>>

Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks To Watch Right Now

The word “growth” is the central word in the phrase Dividend Growth Investing, yet DGI often gets a bad rap as a stodgy method of saving for retirement. I think this misperception arises from the fact that some proponents of the strategy (who may be more focused on income than returns) require a certain minimum yield threshold for their investments. This, in turn, screens many of the....More>>>

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average came close to hitting 20,000, but fell short again…nearly four weeks after Barron’s wrote about the possibility in a cover story on Dec. 10.

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The S&P 500 rose 0.4% to 2,276.98 today, a record high. The Nasdaq Composite, meanwhile, gained 0.6% to 5,521.06, also a record. The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 64.51....More>>>

Hot Low Price Stocks To Invest In 2017

William Patalon III

Having been a big fan of General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) CEO Jack Welch – whom I personally interviewed back during my newspaper days – I was noncommittal about Jeffrey Immelt after he succeeded the iconic Welch back in 2001.

But I’ve become a huge Immelt fan, too.

Unlike most CEOs, Immelt has a true “vision” for GE: He’s....More>>>