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Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Watch Right Now

The Masters’ tagline has been “a tradition unlike any other” for years. The validity of this claim aside, the first major championship of the year at Augusta National Golf Club is unique to the rest of major sports and golf as a whole for the simple fact that it does not pursue the most money possible.

Augusta keeps many of its financial dealings under wraps, but the Masters....More>>>

Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Own Right Now

President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the Iran nuclear deal and restore sanctions was great for oil bulls. But for natural gas drillers in America’s hottest shale play, it could be a disaster in the making.

The highest oil prices in more than three years are poised to boost output from areas like West Texas’ Permian Basin, the most prolific U.S. reservoir of the....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Watch Right Now

Buy and hold Apple’s stock forever.  Take a second and ask yourself a very simple question: If the legend that is Warren Buffett wants to hold Apple (AAPL) shares forever, shouldn’t you do the same? The Oracle of Omaha has scooped up an eye-popping 75 million more shares of Apple, according to CNBC. Buffett now owns about 240 million shares of the tech king.

News of....More>>>

Top Cheap Stocks To Own Right Now

Tesla has hiked the prices of its cars in China by about 20% after getting caught in the crossfire of the trade clash between Washington and Beijing.

The move by the electric car maker follows China’s decision to slap new tariffs on American vehicles in retaliation for US measures against $34 billion of Chinese exports.

It’s the latest major company to feel the impact....More>>>

Top 5 Cheap Stocks To Watch For 2019

NEW YORK — Being cheap pays off when it comes to fund investing, and more investors are heeding the call.

Investing is full of uncertainties, as the gyrations of the past few months attest, and keeping costs low is one of the few things that investors have within their control. Plus, having low fees is a pretty good predictor of a fund’s future success, researchers say. That’s....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Own Right Now

Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) continues to trend higher, even after steady growth over the last year. The gaming company still warrants a buy as underlying fundamentals remain strong. As the Macau region further strengthens, Wynn’s presence there should lead to revenue growth. A stronger U.S. consumer is also aiding the company’s domestic operations. Moreover, its valuation multiples signal the....More>>>

Best Cheap Stocks To Own For 2019

Indonesia’s worst equity rout in five years has got strategists asking the usual question after a slump: Are stocks cheap enough to buy?

For Jahanzeb Naseer, the head of Indonesia research at Credit Suisse Group AG, investors should selectively pick shares now that the benchmark gauge is near at its lowest level since October. Foreign investor outflows have reached 1 percent of the....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Watch For 2019

Needless to say, the biotech world has had a volatile 18 months. Some of the biggest and the best companies, many of which trade cheaper than big pharmaceutical companies, are still looking like top plays for investors. However, you can bet that the shrill rhetoric from politicians over drug pricing could pick up as we edge ever closer to the midterm elections.

A series of new Stifel research....More>>>

Top Cheap Stocks To Own For 2019

In Roku’s (NASDAQ:ROKU) quarterly letter to shareholders, the company highlights the fact that if it were a multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD), or what most people refer to as a cable company, it would be the third largest in the industry. And with 20.8 million active accounts and rapidly growing, it’s only a matter of time before it surpasses the subscriber count of the....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now

With its purchase of Costa, Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) gets a leading brand in Europe, thousands of storefronts and vending machines, and the infrastructure to make coffee a substantial part of its top line.

Join the Industry Focus team as they look at all the different ways Coke can build off of Costa’s success and the challenges of taking on a physical retail chain — something new....More>>>

Best Cheap Stocks To Buy Right Now

While numerous biotechs work to find the next vaccine for the flu epidemic that wreaked havoc on the U.S. this Winter, Teladoc (TDOC) offers a digital solution that helps prevent the spread of the illness and allow patients to easily get the needed medical care. The stock isn’t cheap, but the best play in telehealth is a proven company now.

Attractive Model

The company....More>>>

Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Own For 2019

Semiconductor giant Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has put its shareholders on a roller coaster in recent months. The stock posted a 58% year-over-year gain in early June, then headed down a steep hill to post a 19% drop in 10 weeks. Today, Intel shares are back to where they were at the start of 2018.

Is the rally really over, or would this be a great time to pick up Intel shares on the cheap?


Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2019

Wall Street can be frustrating sometimes, not least because of the seemingly endless debate about when a cyclical industry, such as trucking, is about to hit peak sales. In a sense, it’s perfectly understandable — no one likes buying into a cyclical stock that looks cheap just before its earnings fall and then suddenly its valuation starts to look high. It’s equally unpalatable....More>>>

Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Buy Right Now

One of my favorite pair trade ideas for 2017 is to short the US market, perhaps via the SPY or S&P 500, and go long an international market which a much cheaper valuation. The S&P500 rose 10% in 2016 while most other markets around the globe had flat or negative returns.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should be short the S&P500 in 2017.

1. The Fed....More>>>

Top Cheap Stocks For 2019

Jaguar has created an all-electric sports car that offers zero emissions called the E-Type Zero.

Source: Wikipedia

Here are eight things to know about the vehicle:

Instead of an XKE straight-six engine, fuel tanks and gearbox, the Jaguar E-Type Zero has an electric motor that has many of the same components of the new Jaguar I-Pace. These include a single-speed reduction....More>>>