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Hot Stocks To Watch For 2018

A short squeeze is a tailwind for VRX stock. However, high leverage will keep a check on Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock.

2017 has turned out to be a good year for Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc(NYSE:VRX) so far. Shares of thespecialty pharma company have been on atear of late. Valeant stock has gained more than 25% since the end of January compared to over 3% gain in Nasdaq....More>>>

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It might be harder than ever for hedge funds to raise money.

Their market is crowded with competitionand many clients arent interested any more. Others are demanding more specialization, and bigger staffs of financial and compliance executives, said several fund managers and marketers at Context Summits, an investor conference in Miami.

To help, many funds pay for brokers and other....More>>>

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24 Great Sales Jokes

5 Prospecting Methods That Really Work

24 Great Sales Jokes

A U.S. resident who turned 65 in 2014 could expect to live an average of 19.4 more years.

The average life expectancy at age 65 was 9.2% higher than the average life expectancy of a 65-year-old around 2000.

This ranking could affect where life insurance gets cheaper, and where....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Invest In 2018

The Federal Reserve raised rates this month — far sooner than expected just three months ago — and durable goods orders are coming in consistently higher than expected. These are bullish signs for the U.S. economy. It means the consumer is reviving and since consumers drive about 70% of the American economy, it augurs good times for consumer stocks.

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President Donald Trump’s social media activity often provides a window into what he’s watching and reading: A photo he shared Friday on Twitter might have offered some clues, too.

Trump tweeted out a 14-year-old image of Senator Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin, calling Schumer a “hypocrite” for his accusations about the administration’s ties to Russia. (Schumer....More>>>

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle: A timeline Samsung Galaxy Note 7 holdouts will soon have dead phones.

T-Mobile (TMUS) released an update on Wednesday to prevent Note 7 users from charging devices, rendering them useless. AT&T (T, Tech30), Verizon (VZ, Tech30), and Sprint (S) will roll out similar updates the first week of January.

The move will force the hands of those....More>>>

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By Parke Shall

We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw somebody come in and make a bid for Mylan (NASDAQ:MYL) at this stage in the game.

We have written several articles talking about why we think the company is significantly undervalued, and now that some of the gray skies have cleared from in front of the company and it has settled with the Department of Justice, we believe....More>>>

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Stocks edged higher today despite the fact that no one knows who is going to win U.S. election until–we hope–sometime late tonight.

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The S&P 500 rose 0.4% to 2,139.53 today, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 72.83 points, or 0.4%, to 18,332.43. The Nasdaq Composite gained 0.5% to 5,193.49.

Citigroup’s Tina Fordham and team....More>>>

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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett was a sharp critic of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, but said in an interview broadcast by CNN Friday that he expects the stock market to continue rising.

The stock market will be higher 10, 20 and 30 years from now and it would have been with Hillary [Clinton] and it will be with Trump, Buffett said. Suggestions by market pundits that stocks....More>>>

Top 5 Food Stocks To Invest In Right Now

If youre waiting for Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) to recover from last year’s E. coli and salmonella outbreaks, dont hold your breath.

Chipotle is expected to report second-quarter earnings in mid-to-late July. William Brinson

Thats the warning from Morgan Stanley analyst John Glass. He downgraded the fast-casual chain of Mexican eateries to an equal weight from an overweight....More>>>

Top Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2017

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Hot Food Companies To Buy Right Now

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) delivered growth in earnings per share. It was a great earnings release. Moderate growth in same-store sales and declining share count made growth in EPS easier to achieve. Over the last few months, McDonald’s share price declined, but that may have as much to do with the increase in bond yields as it does with the actual company. Dividend Champions across the board....More>>>

Hot Food Stocks To Invest In 2017

Cowen’s Oliver Chen and team offer four ways Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) can not only compete with Amazon.com (AMZN) but “make Wal-Mart great again”:

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Deeper Dive on Wal-Marts Competitive Strengths vs. Amazon. Cowen data says 42% Amazon Prime of customers also shop at Wal-Mart, w/ 49mm Prime HHs growing at 30% +. How willWal-Mart compete? 1) leverage....More>>>

Top 10 India Companies To Buy Right Now

Milacron (NYSE:MCRN) is a sort of testament to those investors who are hardcore followers of Peter Lynch’s philosophy of looking around your house and office and wondering “who makes that?”. Milacron doesn’t make anything you own yourself, but its plastics processing equipment is used to make a wide variety of plastic products that are used throughout the auto, packaging,....More>>>