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Top 10 Gold Stocks To Watch For 2018

March 9, 2017: The S&P 500 closed barely higher on the day up 0.08% and 1.89 points at 2,364.87. Separately the DJIA closed higher 0.01% on the day at 20,858.19, up approximately 2.46 points. Overall this was brought about by another strong performance by the healthcare sector, namely drug manufacturers. Although we saw crude oil make a massive drop on Wednesday, which continued Thursday, it....More>>>

Top 10 Value Stocks To Invest In 2018

The real estate crash in 2007 sent home prices plunging all across the country. The impact was particularly strong in states where prices had ballooned the most and new home building had been strongest: Nevada, Florida, Michigan, California, among others.

Median home prices in the United States have more than recovered their lost ground. The U.S. median rose to $227,000 last year, higher....More>>>

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Washington, DC, based Investment company Bonness Enterprises Inc buys Oracle, Comcast, Goldman Sachs Group, ING Groep NV during the 3-months ended 2017-03-31, according to the most recent filings of the investment company, Bonness Enterprises Inc. As of 2017-03-31, Bonness Enterprises Inc owns 46 stocks with a total value of $122 million. These are the details of the buys and sells.


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The skies are getting less friendly for United Airlines.

Rival airlines are trolling United after the forcible removal of a passenger from one of its flights.

The passenger was dragged off a plane in Chicago on Sunday after he declined to give up his seat. United wanted to give the seat to a commuting crew member.

Royal Jordanian ribbed United with a tweet. “We....More>>>

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How Wealthy Americans Spend Their Money in These 14 Categories

6 Parts of a DOL-Friendly Financial Plan

Meir Statman: What Normal People Really Want From Advisors

A regulator in Massachusetts has charged LPL Financial-affiliated advisor Roger S. Zullo with fraud due to his sales of “unsuitable variable annuities to retirees and older clients” since 2013. In addition,....More>>>

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Hands on with the MacBook Pro Apple has successfully removed a stain on the reputation of one of its biggest new products.

Consumer Reports said Thursday it can now recommend Apple’s flashy new MacBook Pro laptops after having previously refused to do so over concerns about inconsistent battery life.

Apple (AAPL, Tech30) worked with Consumer Reports over the holidays....More>>>