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Top 10 China Stocks For 2019

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China are unlikely to be resolved by the existing architecture that governs world trade, according to Stephen Olson, Hong Kong-based Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation Ltd.

The world’s two biggest economies need to agree on a new framework that will allow both of their economic systems to co-exist, something the World Trade Organization doesn’t....More>>>

Top 10 China Stocks To Watch For 2019

The stock market isn’t even lower on trade concerns because investors hope President Donald Trump gets lucky on China, CNBC Jim Cramer said Tuesday.

“We’re in suspended animation here,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street,” adding investors are finding it difficult to commit capital to stocks such as industrials without knowing the conclusion of the Trump....More>>>

Hot China Stocks To Invest In 2019

Bond guru Bill Gross is pulling a Flavor Flav. He’s telling people to not believe the Trump hype.

Gross, formerly one of the top dogs at fixed income powerhouse PIMCO and now a fund manager with Janus, wrote in his most recent monthly outlook that investors are too excited about Trump. He thinks Trump’s economic promises are too grand.

“Don’t be allured....More>>>

Top 5 China Stocks To Buy For 2019

China’s ZTE, which the US government has accused of repeated sanctions violations, has paid a $1 billion fine, a US Commerce Department official said Friday.

The payment comes days after President Donald Trump tried to persuade two dozen lawmakers mostly Republicans that the fine and the assignment of an American monitoring team would be sufficient punishment for ZTE.


Top 5 China Stocks For 2019

Analysis of top Seeking Alpha coverage: ChemoCentryx

Today we will discuss an update from ChemoCentryx (CCXI), which sent shares more than 30% higher in intra-day trading.

ChemoCentryx is primarily focused on orphan and rare diseases. The companys lead product candidate is Avacopan (previously known as CCX168), a small molecule complement receptor 5a (C5ar) inhibitor. Avacopan is being....More>>>

Top 10 China Stocks To Invest In 2019

BEIJING–Prices in China rose less than expected in February as demand for food eased after the Lunar New Year holiday, the third piece of Chinese data that raised eyebrows this week.

China’s consumer-price index inched up 0.8% in February from a year earlier, compared with a 2.5% gain in January, the National Bureau of Statistics said Thursday. The key inflation gauge undershot....More>>>

Best China Stocks To Own Right Now

Chinese stocks are roaring back into favor with many of the biggest players hitting new all-time highs. You don’t need to stick to the dot-com darlings to cash in on the internet revolution taking place in China. There are many stocks percolating under the investing radar of the world’s most populous nation.

Momo (NASDAQ:MOMO), Sogou (NYSE:SOGO), and Baozun (NASDAQ:BZUN) are some....More>>>

Top 5 Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Institutional investors and corporate insiders didn’t run when the S&P 500 Index stumbled earlier this year. They added to their stashes.

Amid a 10 percent market correction in February that ended a record streak of positive monthly total returns, institutional ownership of S&P 500 members rose 3.28 percent over the past six months, while insider holdings increased by 5.46....More>>>

Hot Tech Stocks To Watch For 2019

Our Top Pick for aggressive growth is a small-cap oil and gas producer that recently made a transformative acquisition in the so-called Merge area of the STACK/SCOOP fields in Oklahoma, explains oil sector expert Elliott Gue, editor of Energy and Income Advisor.

The SCOOP/STACK fields in Oklahoma and the Delaware portion of the Permian Basin in West Texas have emerged as the premier ....More>>>

Top 10 China Stocks To Watch Right Now

Sonos has survived stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon. Now, it faces a new risk from President Trump.

The smart speaker company filed paperwork Friday to raise $100 million in a public offering. Sonos said one of the risk factors for its business is the Trump administration’s trade war with China.

Sonos warned in the filing that “significant....More>>>

Top China Stocks To Own For 2019

Welcome to the September edition of EV company news. As this goes to publication, the Paris Auto Show is underway. The European car makers are active this year in Paris, with several electric vehicle offerings or announcements. You can read more here.

Global EV sales – As of end August 2016

Global EV sales have been rising steadily in 2016, up 55% YTD compared to 2015. Global....More>>>

Top 5 China Stocks For 2019

ITT Corporation’s (NYSE:ITT) 3rd quarter earnings resulted in promising segment performance leading to a share price increase of approximately 11% with huge daily volume of 3 million. Total revenue increased by 11% and orders volume increased by 15% from 2016 Q3. Annual revenue guidance was raised to 4% to 5% from the previous guidance of flat to 2%. Most importantly, these results show stabilization....More>>>

Best Insurance Stocks To Invest In Right Now

These days, White Mountains Insurance’s(NYSE:WTM) only real insurance operation is its municipal bond reinsurance subsidiaries. Here’s how the business works and how it makes money.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on June 18, 2018.

Michael Douglass: Let’s cover the major businesses they own in whole or in part. The first one, of....More>>>

Top 10 China Stocks To Invest In 2019

April 4, 2018: Markets opened lower Wednesday but equity indexes managed to pull themselves out of a pretty deep hole. Early lows followed on news of reciprocal tariffs imposed by China on a variety of U.S. goods including aircraft and some cars. Whether the eventual turnaround was due to less anxiety over the impact on American firms from Chinese tariff or investors buying the dip doesn’t....More>>>