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Centene Corp., a Medicaid plan manager that has been doing well in the Affordable Care Act public exchange market, is expanding into New York state.

The St. Louis-based company said Tuesday it will pay $3.75....More>>>

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The pharmacy market is one of the biggest potential new targets for Amazon.com Inc.

The online retail giant moved into the roughly $800 billion U.S. grocery market in June by buying Whole Foods Market Inc. Drugs, a $450 billion industry in the U.S., are....More>>>

latest news on stock market

By now, I bet you’re sick of “Best Stocks for 2017” articles.

That makes two of us.

So today, we’re going to take the long view, starting with a strategy you can use to steadily bulk up your nest egg—even if you’re 10 years or less out from retiring—and trigger a reliable income stream once you do.

Then I’m going to reveal 5 of....More>>>

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Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) is a dividend growth machine that I started covering last fall with a buy rating, especially if you could get shares for under $40. I have said of course that shares appeared that would be tough to acquire under $40 but that chance has arrived. Well just ten days ago I told you that it finally happened. Shares presented themselves under this mark for the blink of an eye. Did....More>>>

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Deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are very fast growing areas. Artificial intelligence is already making our lives easier with many applications like the one in our smartphone, which is telling us which road to choose to avoid significant traffic. Moreover, artificial intelligence is finding use in many industries, for instance, healthcare, transport and logistics, customer service,....More>>>

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Im a T-Mobile subscriber, and I see that the company is going to give stock to its customers. What do I need to do at tax time? Will I owe taxes on the stock?

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All current and new customers will receive at least one share of T-Mobile stock, and customers who refer new members can receive up to 100 extra shares per year. T-Mobile (TMUS)....More>>>

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Japanese Self-Defense Force F2 fighter jet

The newest scuffle over prized, resource-rich waters in the South China Sea hit headlines on Thursday. “Japan,” China warns, is “playing with fire” in the contested region…

Beijing’s latest caution came after Tokyo announced Tuesday that it may soon patrol alongside the United States in the region.