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Top 10 Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now

Nearly every traditional valuation measure says the S&P 500 is currently expensive.

Which means if you’re a value investor trying to make money in today’s market, you’ll need to try harder.

To do that, you need to start looking in areas where most of the investment world isn’t.

Here’s my idea…

Howard Hughes Corporation Underfollowed....More>>>

best stock buys

James and Carrie Finan have been house-hunting in the Seattle area for four months in a seemingly futile race against time: Theyre living in a room in James mothers house and their first child is due in September.

Theyve seen about 40 starterhouses that match their criteria$350,000 or less, three bedrooms, about 1,200 square feet — and made four offers ranging from $32,000 to $82,000....More>>>

daily stock market report

The September U.S. Dollar Index is trading at 96.33, down 0.05

The U.S. dollar index is trading nearly unchanged Friday afternoon after a back and forth trading day.

The Federal Reserve just reported that consumer credit rose by $18.56 billion in May versus a $13.40 billion rise in April. Non-revolving credit rose $16.204 billion and revolving credit rose by $2.35 billion.


Hot Undervalued Stocks To Watch For 2018

Singapore’s largest property developer, CapitaLand (OTCPK:CLLDY) (CATL.SI) had a pretty good 2017. Helped by improving conditions in Singapore and China, not to mention significant project openings, CapitaLand’s local shares climbed 20% and the ADRs did even better.

Although these aren’t the easiest shares to own, and it’s not a simple company to model, I continue....More>>>