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Top 10 Oil Stocks To Invest In Right Now

 Steve Sjuggerud has been keeping close tabs on oil prices…   In recent months, Steve has highlighted several bearish signs for crude oil, including extreme sentiment among oil speculators and persistently bullish behavior in energy stocks.   This week, he shared another. As he wrote in his latest True Wealth Systems Review of Market Extremes…   Oil prices....More>>>

Top Oil Stocks To Own Right Now

Like the tobacco industry, the oil and gas industry is also undergoing consolidation, and the Fund has benefited from its holding in Baker Hughes, Inc. (NYSE:BHI) (“BHI”). The Fund’s position in BHI was initiated in late 2015 as an arbitrage opportunity when Halliburton Company (“HAL”) bid for BHI, and as a proxy for an anticipated return to growth in the oil services....More>>>

Top Oil Stocks To Own For 2018

SAUSALITO, Calif. Maurizio Reggiani, the director of research and development for storied Italian supercar builder Lamborghini, takes in the knife-edge lines of his latest creation, the $275,000 Huracan Performante. He is pleased.

“This car represents so much of what we are,” says Reggiani, who joined CEO Stefano Domenicali for a breakfast interview with USA TODAY Tuesday. “We....More>>>

Marathon Oil: A Fantastic Company With A Fantastic Price That I May Need To Sell

What happens when you as an author begin writing an article with preconceived notions subtly expecting to reaffirm your original thesis and move on to the next one, then realize mid research that you are likely wrong on a key assumption and alter your stance? This article!

I have held Marathon Oil (NYSE:MRO) (the oil producer, not the refiner) for around two years now, purchasing this company....More>>>

Top 10 Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

Gasoline futures soared Monday as Tropical Storm Harvey continued to wreak havoc on Texas, knocking major Gulf Coast refineries out of action.

And while the storm is also expected to curtail offshore crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, crude futures are under pressure. Thats because the supply impact is more than offset by the hit to demand for crude by the refinery shutdowns.


Top Oil Stocks For 2018

2016 was a surprising year…   It was the eighth year of this bull market. But that didn't slow things down.   U.S. stocks jumped 12%. Oil prices soared by 45%. And gold had a wild ride, eventually ending the year up 9%.   With all that happening, you might have missed the major boom that happened in our neighbor to the north… Canada.   Canadian stocks had a....More>>>

Top Oil Stocks To Invest In 2018

U.S. equities pushed to new records, with large-caps gapping higher at the open to extend above its two-month uptrend channel. Geopolitical events, from a van attack in London to U.S.-Russia tensions in Syria, were largely ignored. Instead, investors piled into big-tech stocks in the wake of Friday’s Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM) deal,....More>>>

Top 10 Oil Stocks To Own For 2018

As Texas considers a “bathroom bill” aimed at transgender individuals, top executives have sent a clear message to the state’s governor: We oppose it.

On Monday, more than 50 business leaders from the Houston area sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, asking him to “avoid any actions, including the passage of any ‘bathroom bill,’ that would....More>>>

Top 5 Oil Stocks To Buy For 2018

An official Saudi Aramco IPO date hasn’t been announced, but all signs point to an initial public offering in early 2018.

The Saudi oil company was initially eyeing a 2017 IPO date, but CEO Amin Nasser recently told CNN 2018 was better.

“The [oil] market has started to recover, we expect it to recover even more in 2017 and I think the time in 2018 will be almost right,”....More>>>

Hot Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

It has been quite some time since I checked in on my buy call on United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS). I will say that articles on this name are not read widely here at Seeking Alpha and I think that is a mistake. You’re missing out on profits. I am sure it is a company we are all familiar with. I initiated coverage on the stock with a buy and encouraged you to stick with the name and to add on....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now

Small cap restaurant stock Noodles & Co (NASDAQ: NDLS) reportedQ1 2017 earnings after yesterdays market close. In February,Noodles & Co hadannouncedthe completion of an $18.5 million private placement sale of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock and warrants to purchase shares of the Company’s Class A Common Stock to an existing shareholder to strengthen the Company’s balance....More>>>

Hot Oil Stocks To Invest In 2018

In the 10 months since Royal Bank of Scotland analyst Andrew Roberts issued his headline-making call to sell everything, most assets have soared.

Charlie Bilello, director of research at Pension Partners, late Wednesday shared a chart via StockTwits that illustrated just how off the mark Roberts, and most doomsayers for that matter, were.

Since then, crude oil ....More>>>

Top 5 Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

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WTI crude oil plunged 3.11 percent on Friday to $48.99 a barrel. Below are the biggest....More>>>

Best Oil Stocks For 2017

Source: ThinkstockApril 26, 2017: The S&P 500 closed loweron the day, up 0.04% and 1.00points to 2,387.59. Separately the DJIA closed down0.09% on the day at 20,976.74, down approximately 19.38points.

Overall the market had a relatively flatday, after posting two days of incredible gains. In the past few days broad markets peaked again and hit new all-time highs. Major bank stocks were....More>>>

Top 10 Oil Stocks For 2017

On Tuesday, stocks closed mixed with a preference for small-caps as they took gains in some blue chips and big-cap stocks.

Profit-taking started immediately, with a divergence of better-quality stocks being sold. Banks and other financials fell 1.4% at the close, while technology gained 0.9% and consumer discretionary rose 0.5%. Eight of the eleven sectors of the 500 lost ground. From the....More>>>