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Hot Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

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Sarepta’s hearings. Or how to get a drug approved on emotional grounds. Source: Boston Globe.

In the world of biotech, amazing things sometimes happen. This article is about one such amazing thing: Sarepta’s (NASDAQ:SRPT) twin sister drug, company and stock.

The twin sister, of course, is AveXis (NASDAQ:AVXS). Consider the following:


Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Some analysts cite Hillary Clinton’s continued criticism of drug prices as a cause for a slump in biotech during the U.S. presidential campaign, but with the election behind us, many biotech enterprises saw at least a 9% increase due to Donald Trump’s victory.

Two companies in the biotech space entering the first quarter of 2017 may be in a position for their products, as well....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Watch For 2018

On Thursday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested getting into Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X Shares (NYSEARCA: LABU) in part totake advantage of the January effect:

As a matter of fact, the entire biotech sector was the big performer yesterday, so we’re going to go ahead and take another shot with LABU, one of the primary bullish leveraged ETF’s tracking the....More>>>

Hot Biotech Stocks To Buy Right Now

What happened

ImmunoGen (NASDAQ:IMGN) is up 21.8% at 1:06 p.m. EST on no apparent news. Of course, it’s a biotech, so that’s often par for the course.

So what

One possibility is that day traders are just doing their thing, following the momentum, which pushes the stock price higher. We’ll know in a few days if the share price returns to previous levels.


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JPMorgan’s Alexia Quadrani and team explain why they’re bullish on Walt Disney (DIS) heading into earnings:

Zootopia Associated Press

We are raising our estimates for Disney ahead of FQ2 earnings, primarily driven by the outperformance of Zootopia, which has generated $296m in domestic box office receipts and $853m globally to date and we expect has further positive....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Buy Right Now

Welcome to another edition of “3 Things in Biotech You Should Learn Today,” a daily digest dedicated to helping you keep tabs on the fast-moving world of biotech and pharmaceutical research.

Let’s get started!

AstraZeneca whiplash continues with more durvalumab news

In a scrambling defense of disappointing MYSTIC results for its immune checkpoint inhibitor....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In 2018

March has been a month associated with bad news. Remember Julius Caesar and the ides of March? At least Julius had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of good weeks before disaster struck.

Bad news came early in the month for Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JUNO) and PTC Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTCT). Both companies announced major pipeline setbacks. What’s next for these beleaguered biotechs?


Best Biotech Stocks To Own For 2018

Welcome to another edition of “3 Things In Biotech You Should Learn Today,” a daily digest dedicated to helping you keep up with recent events in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries!

So what’s in store for today?

BioMarin makes itself a priority to the FDA in phenylketonuria

Phenylketonuria is a congenital disorder that can lead to severe complications....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Buy Right Now

What happened

ImmunoGen (NASDAQ:IMGN) is up 15.6% at 3:35 p.m. EDT on no news. The stock price bump might be a carryover from yesterday’s upgrade by Leerink Partners. Or maybe it’s short-sellers buying to cover their shorts after yesterday’s move. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a biotech and the sun came up today. Who knows?

So what

What is....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In 2018


Struggling to find an acceptable return in this low rate environment? Need more safe healthcare exposure to ballast against the recent pullback in all things biotech-related?

Despite not paying dividends before 2011, Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) has since quadrupled its payout and may be just the stock you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at Amgen and see if this....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Watch Right Now

Donald Trump’s comments yesterday about the drug industry when he stated that drug companies were “getting away with murder” tanked biotech stocks and the general indexes. Investors in this space must be worried in the event that Trump gains some traction in this sector and records some wins. At present, he is like a dog with a bone. In the automotive sector, for example, he is....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Own For 2018

Monday was a good start to the week for stocks, with major benchmarks climbing around half a percent on the day. Most market participants pointed to a lack of bad news over the weekend and anticipation about expected favorable economic data in the coming days as drivers of the generally positive attitude among investors.

But there are still plenty of factors that are preventing stocks overall....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Own Right Now

Many established biotechs may outperform from here

Figure 1 shows dozens of stocks with double-digit price gain prospects in coming weeks and months. The better ones have experienced worst-case price drawdowns less than several of the DJ-30 stocks.

Figure 1

(used with permission)

Upside price rewards are from the behavioral (of what to do right, not wrong) analysis....More>>>

best stocks to buy today

The Tesla Motors “Gigafactory” in Nevada, will more than double global Li-ion battery production, one reason battery prices are falling so rapidly. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

After a terrible couple of years, this looks like a good time for the fossil fuels sector. Oil prices are on the up again, President Donald Trump promises to sweep away many of the restrictions the industry....More>>>