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Top Blue Chip Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Many analysts have voiced fears that the U.S. stock markets march higher is overdone.

One chart watcher, on the other hand, is suggesting the opposite.

The breakout could be just getting started, wrote Jonathan Krinsky, chief market technician at MKM Partners, in a note dated Sunday.

This view comes after Krinsky looked not at the S&P 500 ....More>>>

really good stocks to invest in

What kind of fool would bet on LOWER interest rates?   I would! And I did – earlier this month. Now we're making money on the trade!   I know it's hard to imagine that interest rates could go down. Everyone is betting on higher interest rates.   Let me share the story with you…   The latest issue of my True Wealth Systems newsletter was titled, "The....More>>>

Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

Stocks inched upwardFriday after remarks by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen pointed to a rate hike later this month.

The Dow andS&P 500 posted fractionalgains.The blue chips barelyfinishedhigher on the day, up 3 points and staying above 21,000, ending at 21,005.71.

Climbing 0.2% was the Nasdaq composite, to 5870.75.

At our meeting later this month, the committee will....More>>>

Hot High Tech Stocks To Own For 2017

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) is not a simple operation. The company shows its movies all over the world, operates theme parks on three continents, runs TV networks over cables and through satellite, and has a small navy of cruise ships. That being said, I often find that reducing an investment thesis to its bare essentials aids in determining what needs to go write for the investment to work.


Top Bank Stocks For 2017

How Good Was November For Bank Investors?

A member of the Seeking Alpha community recently asked me whether the extraordinary performance registered by bank stocks in November was some kind of record.

Actually, as good as November was for bank investors, there are three months since 1986 when bank stock prices appreciated even more than what we saw last month.

Before getting....More>>>