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Top 10 Penny Stocks To Watch For 2019

Penny stock investing is notoriously risky, which is why many investors are right to worry about penny stock scams. Without knowing what traps to look for, these penny stock scam companies can steal your hard-earned money.

VideoStrategies for Picking Penny Stock Winners

Today, we’ve done the research for you so you can avoid these scams and safely invest in penny stocks.


Top Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

The education of new investors often follows a similar path…   New investors get interested in the stock market. They think it's just a matter of time before they find some small, unheard-of company that will grow 100 times over, making them rich.   Before long, the investor realizes that investing in small companies is harder than it looks.   Yes, occasionally a tiny stock....More>>>

Top 5 Penny Stocks To Own Right Now

For retail investors with a strong risk tolerance, penny stocks can be a lucrative way to profit with very little initial investment. Today, we’re bringing our readers the five top penny stocks to buy for March.

These are stocks that have high ratings from multiple analysts, strong growth numbers, and immense profit potential with a low entry price.

To see just how lucrative....More>>>

Best Dividend Stocks To Own Right Now

Eli Lilly and Co (NYSE:LLY) files its latest 10-K with SEC for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2017. Eli Lilly and Co is a pharmaceutical company with a focus on neuroscience, endocrinology, oncology, and immunology. It discovers, develops, manufactures, and sells human pharmaceutical products and animal health products. Eli Lilly and Co has a market cap of $85.39 billion; its shares were....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

On the surface, all is right at Intel (NASDAQ:INTC).

Thanks to the cloud, Intel’s data center business is robust, with $5.5 billion in sales and $2.74 billion in operating income in the last quarter. While clouds were first developed with the cheapest possible chips, the Cloud Czars are now rich enough, and hungry enough for power, that half the unit’s sales were for the high-performance....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Invest In 2019

5 p.m. Update:  Apple stock slipped more than 2% in after hours trading as the Q4 AAPL earnings disappointed Wall Street despite higher-than-expected iPhone sales.

Apple earned $1.67 a share in its fiscal Q4, one penny higher than the consensus analyst forecast. Revenue was $$46.9 billion, just short of the forecast for sales of $46.94 billion. However, the Q4 Apple earnings were....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks For 2019

Even with interest rates edging up lately, it still isn’t easy to pocket much income from traditional stocks and bonds. But you may be overlooking preferred stocks, hybrid investments that offer a bit of both worlds.

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For income seekers, preferreds offer great deals. Yields average 6.1%, well above the 2.3% payout of the Barclays....More>>>

Best Bank Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Economists abandoned predictions that the Bank of England will increase interest rates next month after two weeks of disappointing data and the public doubts of Mark Carney.

The shock near-stagnation of the economy proved the final straw after the BOE governor raised questions about such a move last week. Firms including NatWest Markets, SEB, Berenberg and ING have now withdrawn their predictions....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks For 2019

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Investing in the top marijuana penny stocks on the market can be an exciting way to grow your portfolio. They give investors an affordable entry point into one of the hottest markets in the United States.

In fact, the top marijuana penny stocks to watch in February 2019 can bring gains as high as....More>>>

Top Penny Stocks To Buy For 2019

While last week’s news on retail gasoline prices was mixed, this week’s is solidly negative. A gallon of regular gasoline cost $2.53 Monday morning, up four cents for the week, up nearly a dime in a month and 19 cents more year over year. Last month the national average was $2.44, while the year-ago average was $2.35.

Among the 50 states, 48 experienced gas price increases last....More>>>

Best Penny Stocks To Buy For 2019

In the two years I was at Columbia Business School, I learned how to value a company down to the penny of its stock price and to forecast budgets years into the future.

But there were certain lessons that weren’t on the syllabus that have proven to be even more invaluable.

Between the demanding professors, mandatory group work and baptism-by-fire experiences, business school....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Watch For 2019

When it comes to low-priced stocks, maybe it’s best to curb your derision. There are a lot of investments out there with single-digit price tags, and they’re not all speculative fodder for penny-stock gamblers to fight over. Stocks trading below $10 are naturally riskier than some of the more established choices out there, but there are also opportunities there for the taking if you’re....More>>>

Best Penny Stocks To Invest In 2019

Biotech stocks trading under $5 a share may seem like more trouble than they’re worth. Low-priced biotechs, after all, are often victims of serious clinical or regulatory setbacks that cast doubt on their long-term viability. 

Over the past few years, however, several beaten-down biotech stocks have ended up producing enormous gains for risk-tolerant investors. For example, Acadia....More>>>

Top Penny Stocks To Watch For 2019

The battle for some of Russia’s richest gold mines has an unusual cast of characters: the scion of one of Europe’s great banking families, a Kazakh tycoon with his own cryptocurrency, hedge fund D.E. Shaw, and mystery shareholders.

They’re all part of a new fight for control over Petropavlovsk Plc, a London-listed miner. For the second time in a year, the company is in....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2019

President & CEO of Csx Corp (NASDAQ:CSX) James M Foote bought 5,000 shares of CSX on 05/02/2018 at an average price of $59.91 a share. The total cost of this purchase was $299,550.

CSX Corp is a railroad operating company with operations spread across the Eastern United States. The company hauls shipments of coal products, chemicals, intermodal containers, and a diverse mix of other merchandise.....More>>>