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Best Casino Stocks To Own For 2019

Not many experts would recommend packing investment accounts like 401(k) retirement plans with bitcoin. The digital currency is just too volatile. But there’s nothing wrong with setting a little aside money you can afford to lose for wild bets, like gambling a few bucks at a casino.

Mike Segar | Reuters There are two ways to bet on bitcoin: via a specialized....More>>>

Hot Growth Stocks To Buy For 2018

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Investment Thesis:

Franco-Nevada (FNV) is considered the poster child for the “streamers” such as Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM), Osisko Gold Royalties (OR), Royal Gold (RGLD), or the junior Sandstorm Gold (SAND).

The company fundamentals are solid with a potential for long-term growth, the company has no debt and pays a 1.36% dividend annually....More>>>

Best Gold Stocks To Own For 2018

One by one, almost all the high-profile Goldman Sachs alums have left the White House.

Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs COO who left the bank to become President Trump’s National Economic Council director, resigned Tuesday night following a dispute over the president’s planned tariffs on aluminum and steel imports.

Cohn’s farewell follows the departures of....More>>>

Top 5 Casino Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Steve Wynn is the biggest shareholder of the casino company that bears his name, and he’s transformed Las Vegas with trailblazing projects. That doesn’t make him invincible.


Steve Wynn

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Casino regulators have the authority to force him out of the industry over allegations that....More>>>

Top 5 Blue Chip Stocks For 2018

Periodically we update you on our latest best stocks to buy now – stocks our experts have named good buys. This edition brings you five picks that have an established track record and also give you access to the most exciting new trends of the future. So they can provide profits for years – even generations – to come.

First, a company that started with a broken saw....More>>>

fixed income investments

The Canadian dollar has soared 8% this year – which is a big move in the currency markets.   But based on our research, those big gains are likely to end soon…   You see, the Canadian dollar just hit its "most loved" level since 2013. It's now at a sentiment extreme.   We love to see sentiment extremes like this… They're great opportunities for....More>>>

Best Blue Chip Stocks To Watch For 2018

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Some analysts use the term &q;strong buy&q;&a;nbsp;to get page views....More>>>