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Going The Distance With Nutanix: Q4 A Buying Opportunity

No matter what Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX) does, it just can’t seem to win back the favor of the markets. In the aftermath of a strong beat-and-raise quarter that ended a stellar fiscal year for Nutanix, the market shrugged off the stock, keeping it flat at a bargain price of $22.

Despite the market’s bored reaction to the stock, opinions of it are anything but. Like many of....More>>>

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DOL Fiduciary Rule Foes Say Delay Falls Short of Trump Order

Best Full-Service Investment Firms Ranked by Investors: J.D. Power 2017

5 Long-Term Care Hybrid Perspectives

If financial advisors want to act in the best interest of their clients, they first need to know what those interests are, but that’s not necessarily what happens. A new survey from Investing Media Solutions....More>>>

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The electric car market in China is heating up as established automakers are looking to make the most of the EV growth in the country. This looks like bad news for a luxury EV company such as Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), for which China is the second-biggest auto market. However, will Tesla be able to overcome the competition in China and benefit from the growth of this market in the long run? Let’s....More>>>

Nvidia: Official Love Rating

We spoke with the company Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) in late June and we fell in love all over again. As an analyst who lives and dies by working through the earnings model to figure out earnings numbers it doesn’t get much better than Nvidia. The Street has been low, is currently low, and probably is still very low on the coming quarters as well. On a simple PE valuation with....More>>>

Tesla Global Q2 Deliveries Increase 53% Y/Y

Rethink Technology business briefs for July 7, 2017.

Despite production issues, Tesla continues its remarkable growth

Source: Electrek

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) bears may not wish to take note of the simple fact stated in today’s headline, but it remains a remarkable achievement nonetheless. Were Tesla any other technology company, a 53% y/y unit shipment....More>>>

Microsoft: Potential To Lead Cloud Market?

Please take note this is only one aspect in weighing the attractiveness or non-attractiveness of the companies mentioned as an investment and should not be used independent of other factors. This article examines one segment of the companies’ businesses, and other factors such as valuation are not addressed.

As business environments change and data center technologies advance,....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Invest In Right Now

A model poses, clutch detail, at the Kate Spade New York presentation during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week on September 11, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Handbag and accessories retailer Kate Spade recently confirmed speculation that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its business. Earlier it was reported that the company was working with a bank....More>>>

Make Money Off Apple Skeptics

A quick note: With the 280+ comments I received on my piece published over the weekend about selling a portion of your Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock, I wanted to further clarify my position as the context is important in reading this piece. Unfortunately, many I fear read the title and glossed over the article before commenting, albeit insightful and informative commentary.

My main thesis....More>>>

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Looks Even MORE Overvalued

So far, I’ve been a small brick in the “wall of worry” being climbed by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock. I argued in March, for instance, that Microsoft was worth about $100 billion too much. MSFT stock has gained another 12%-plus since then — and Microsoft has added around $70 billion in incremental value.

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There has....More>>>

The Race Is On For The AI Chip

Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) is finally taking off, helped by big data cloud computing, and breakthroughs in neural networks (computer code that emulates large networks of very simple interconnected units, a bit like neurons in the brain) and deep learning (how we sharpen AI by structuring neural networks in multiple processing layers.)

It has been greatly boosted by....More>>>

What You Need to Know About Autonomous Vehicles Today”

It’s no secret that a lot of money and effort are being put into developing systems to safely drive vehicles on public roads, with no human driver required.In fact, the first driverless cars are probably just a few years away.

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to transform how humans and goods get moved from place to place. The technology could upend everything from traditional....More>>>

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks To Watch For 2017

Highly paid corporate executives are often compensated with a complex web of bonuses, stock grants, insurance, pension plans and other financial instruments. Unfortunately, even though these company plans are their most valuable assets, many executives often wait years to develop a strategy to manage this wealth.

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Hot Value Stocks To Own Right Now

About a year ago, I suggested buying Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) (Facebook Will Win the 2016 Election), as the Company was poised to “win” the recently completed election. Despite lower total spending on the Republican side due to Trump’s masterful use of “free” media, I believe FB was the winner of the election. Zac Moffatt, digital director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign....More>>>

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Finds Growth in AI and Mobile

You would think that irrelevant ads on mobile devices and desktops would go away, yet Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) defies that belief. The search engine giant is as relevant as ever, and its targeted advertising model is a favorite for advertisers and marketing teams.

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Near a yearly high and at a price-to-earnings ratio of around 31 times,....More>>>