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10 High-Dividend Stocks to Buy When the Market Is Blue

President Donald Trump ran on a ticket of making America great again. While the consensus on that point is very much split, what’s not deniable is the markets’ response. Trump’s pro-business agenda was credited for sparking an impressive rally. With enthusiasm overshooting rationality, however, high-dividend stocks are suddenly looking very attractive to investors.

At first....More>>>

Should Warren Buffett Save General Electric Company Stock?

Think General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has bottomed? Keep dreaming. GE stock has given us so many false bottoms that I’ve lost count at this point. But it makes you wonder whether it’s worth nibbling this struggling conglomerate.

I want to be clear up front: I believe in current CEO John Flannery. Flannery is the one that made GE’s healthcare unit one of the few bright....More>>>

The Short Case For Cree

Target Price and Rationale

Cree (NASDAQ:CREE) competes in the LED components and lighting industry. The company once had a significant role in the more profitable upstream LED chips and packaging industry. However, the recent entrance of low-cost Asian competitors into the upstream forced Cree to integrate vertically and increase its exposure in the less profitable downstream LED....More>>>