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Why Do the Pundits Hate Annuity Commissions?

Why Do the Pundits Hate Annuity Commissions?

Senate Blocks ACA Budget Reconciliation Change Efforts 49-51

Here’s the second section of a formidable list: the ThinkAdvisor Life Health 30 Under 30 award winners for 2017.

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Facebook Inc. stock has entered into a phase of consolidation in recent trading sessions. With FB stock trading near all-time highs, should investors buy into the stock?

Shares of Menlo Park, California-basedsocial networking giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) have been on a tear through 2017. FB stock closed the last trading session at a price of $142.28 per share, up 23.7% in the....More>>>

Top 10 Value Stocks To Watch For 2017

Great Panther Silver (NYSEMKT:GPL) operates two silver mines in Mexico and is expected to close on a transaction for a silver mining operation in Peru here in the second quarter of 2017. One highlight from GPL’s most recent corporate presentation is shown below. What we like most about GPL is that it has zero long-term debt, and maintains a substantial cash reserve for mine expansion and/or....More>>>

Top 5 Gold Stocks To Invest In Right Now

U.S. equities drifted lower on Thursday, risking a breakdown out of a tight two-month consolidation range just one day ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. This seems, on the surface, a little odd given Trump’s surprise victory boosted markets in a historic run to record highs.

But sentiment has turned recently, keeping the Dow Jones Industrial Average below....More>>>

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Kellogg, the food manufacturer that owns Pringles and Pop-Tarts, confirmed Tuesday that it will discontinue advertising on Breitbart.com, the far-right news and commentary site that was formerly run by a top aide of President-electDonald Trump, Steve Bannon.

The site has come under fire on social media in recent days as consumers, angered at what they say is its racist, sexist and anti-Semitic....More>>>

Top 5 Heal Care Stocks For 2017

Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) has outperformed the broader market significantly this year as silver has seen an impressive YTD performance. However, in light of this precious metal retracting in pricing strength over the past few months, investors should take on an appropriate amount of caution should they have a long position in the company. I personally believe that this is a poor time to be long....More>>>

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If you plan to sell a substantially appreciated asset, property or business, you can save money with what’s called a two-year installment sale. Basically, it’s a double-sale strategy to create a taxation timing gap between when the asset sale proceeds are received and when they’re taxed.

See Also: The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions

Here’s how it works: You....More>>>

Best Energy Stocks For 2017

Dr. Kent Moors

For the last few days, oil prices have been trading in a very narrow range between $42 and $45 a barrel. They won’t be staying there for long.

You see, there are two factors keeping prices locked in that range. One is short term, here in the United States.

And it was just resolved today…

The other is OPEC’s long-term strategy to crowd....More>>>

Top 10 International Companies To Buy Right Now

It was inevitable, and we have warned thatit was coming, but the slamming of transaction windows at major corporations across the country showed up in this week’s insider data. With the fourth quarter underway and third-quarter earnings ready to start hitting the tape next week, many executives and 10% institutional owners have had to put plans of buying stock on hold as the windows to buy....More>>>

Hot Internet Stocks To Watch For 2016

These five stocks had the most social chatter and the lowest investor confidence this week, according to Stockal. Stockal tracks analyst ratings, news, and social sentiment to paint a picture a stock's overall sentiment. 

1. GoPro Inc (NASDAQ: GPRO)

Stockal's confidence meter, which measures the Street's near-term confidence in the stock, stands at 56% for GoPro.....More>>>

Top 5 Construction Companies To Own In Right Now

Loading the player… What is ‘Internal Rate Of Return – IRR’

Internal rate of return (IRR) is a metric used in capital budgeting measuring the profitability of potential investments. Internal rate of return is a discount rate that makes the net present value (NPV) of all cash flows from a particular project equal....More>>>

Top 10 Shipping Stocks For 2016

Why all the confidence? Well aside from all these pundits coming out saying there is a 100% chance that we are in a recession or that a recession will start before summer the reason is thatthe data doesn’t show it. You can make up indicators that don’t really make sense either in their construction or their interpretations or you can focus on one relatively narrow segment of the economy....More>>>