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Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Watch For 2018

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) jumped to the top of the S&P 500 today after Barclays upgraded the biotech stock to Overweight from Equal Weight citing fewer macro headwinds.

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Shares of Alexion Pharmaceuticals gained 5.2% to $125.59, while the S&P 500 rose 0.1%.

Barclays analyst Geoff Meacham and team explain why they upgraded Alexion Pharmaceuticals:


Best Biotech Stocks To Watch Right Now

March has been a month associated with bad news. Remember Julius Caesar and the ides of March? At least Julius had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of good weeks before disaster struck.

Bad news came early in the month for Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JUNO) and PTC Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTCT). Both companies announced major pipeline setbacks. What’s next for these beleaguered biotechs?


Hot Biotech Stocks To Own Right Now


Boring industries and small-capitalization stocks are two things that are very rarely found together. If you search the ranks of the hottest or most promising small-cap stocks, you will find mostly technology and biotech.

So, when I stumbled upon Fuling Global (NASDAQ:FORK), a Chinese manufacturer of plastic cutlery, plates, cups, straws, and similar products, the valuation....More>>>

Hot Tech Stocks To Buy For 2018

The technological revolution of the past 15 years has posed well-documented and existential challenges for many of the print media behemoths of the twentieth century. Other publishers, however, have had their growth turbocharged by this transformation, bringing them inexorably to the attention of strategic and financial acquirers.

Specialist data providers capable of supplying their corporate....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Buy Right Now

We presented our long investment thesis on Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN) to subscribers of our premium Seeking Alpha investment research service, Vasuda Healthcare Analytics, on December 7. Shares rallied about 7% in a week before a pullback. We consider this pullback as another excellent opportunity to start establishing a long position in this blue-chip large-cap biotechnology company.


Best Tech Stocks To Own For 2018

Will Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)deliver an earnings beat when it reports its Q3 earnings on April 27th?

Windows OS makerMicrosoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is scheduled to report its Q3 2017 earnings on April 27th, after the bell. Analysts have anaverage earnings estimate of $0.70 Non-GAAP EPS on revenue of $23.62B. The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant is an old....More>>>

Best Biotech Stocks To Own Right Now

My Top Pick for speculators for the coming year is a biotech company, explains leading growth and income stock specialist Crista Huff, editor of Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) is prominent for its world-leading treatments for cystic fibrosis. Vertex is expected to outperform its peers in earnings growth through 2020.

Vertex is expected to report earnings....More>>>

Top Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

On Tuesday, stocks closed mixed with a preference for small-caps as they took gains in some blue chips and big-cap stocks.

Profit-taking started immediately, with a divergence of better-quality stocks being sold. Banks and other financials fell 1.4% at the close, while technology gained 0.9% and consumer discretionary rose 0.5%. Eight of the eleven sectors of the 500 lost ground. From the....More>>>

Hot Biotech Stocks To Buy Right Now

Investing in biotech and pharmaceuticals is always a bit of a wild card. The industry is often at the mercy of government regulators, and a clinical trial can always present unexpected challenges. When biotech and pharma stocks hit it big, however, its big news that often yields big returns. A lesser promoted biotech sector is the medical devices arena, which is hardly as sexy and....More>>>

Hot Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

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Sarepta’s hearings. Or how to get a drug approved on emotional grounds. Source: Boston Globe.

In the world of biotech, amazing things sometimes happen. This article is about one such amazing thing: Sarepta’s (NASDAQ:SRPT) twin sister drug, company and stock.

The twin sister, of course, is AveXis (NASDAQ:AVXS). Consider the following:


Best Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy Right Now

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett was a sharp critic of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, but said in an interview broadcast by CNN Friday that he expects the stock market to continue rising.

The stock market will be higher 10, 20 and 30 years from now and it would have been with Hillary [Clinton] and it will be with Trump, Buffett said. Suggestions by market pundits that stocks....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Some analysts cite Hillary Clinton’s continued criticism of drug prices as a cause for a slump in biotech during the U.S. presidential campaign, but with the election behind us, many biotech enterprises saw at least a 9% increase due to Donald Trump’s victory.

Two companies in the biotech space entering the first quarter of 2017 may be in a position for their products, as well....More>>>

Top 10 Biotech Stocks To Watch For 2018

On Thursday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested getting into Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X Shares (NYSEARCA: LABU) in part totake advantage of the January effect:

As a matter of fact, the entire biotech sector was the big performer yesterday, so we’re going to go ahead and take another shot with LABU, one of the primary bullish leveraged ETF’s tracking the....More>>>

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals(INO) are climbing today after the biotech company announced that it would begin testing a Zika vaccine in Puerto Rico. Maxim’sJason McCarthy andJason Kolbert have the details:

CREDIT: Alex Wild Published Credit: Alex Wild Alex Wild

Inovio announced the initiation of a small clinical study (N=160) of its Zika vaccine, GLS-5700 (being developed....More>>>

Top Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now

If you're not profiting from the "Melt Up" yet, what are you waiting for?   You're running out of time… Stocks aren't going to go up forever.   My Melt Up theme is the idea that stocks tend to soar in the final months of a great bull market as it comes to an end. And we're entering that time – right now.   The end of the dot-com boom in 2000....More>>>