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Top 10 Financial Stocks To Watch Right Now

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Brown University just made a big promise.

The Providence, Rhode Island Ivy League school announced today that it will eliminate student loans – and replace them with grants that do not have to be repaid.

As reported in The Hill, Brown will completely remove student loans from financial aid packages for Brown’s 6,500 current undergraduate students....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Invest In 2019


We spend most of our working lives contributing money to retirement accounts but what about taking it out in retirement? If you have pre-tax, Roth, and taxable accounts, how much should you withdraw from each one? Here are some things to consider:

1) How much can you safely withdraw? The safest option is to only withdraw earnings and not touch any of the principal but....More>>>

Top Financial Stocks To Invest In Right Now

China's local stock market has fallen for four consecutive weeks. Investors are spooked.   And for good reason…   China has been cracking down on speculation and financial leverage. And that has caused turbulence in the market. As Bloomberg reported over the weekend…  

The [Chinese government's] tightening campaign has erased at least $453 billion....More>>>

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now

There are a number of great companies in the market today. The ModernGraham valuation model selected some of the most undervalued Canadian companies. Each company has been determined to be suitable for the Defensive Investor or the Enterprising Investor according to the ModernGraham approach.

Defensive Investors are defined as investors who are not able or willing to do substantial research....More>>>

Top 5 Financial Stocks To Watch For 2018

Anthony Scaramucci lost more than a job at the White House: He lost the chance to delay paying millions of dollars in taxes.

Scaramucci’s lawyer said Tuesday that he will pay capital gains tax when he completes the sale of his investment company, SkyBridge Capital.

Government employees can seek permission to defer that tax when they sell investments to avoid conflicts of....More>>>

Is The Economy Overheating? – Cramer’s Mad Money (5/17/18)

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV Program, Thursday, May 17.

The economy is running too fast and is getting hotter. Cramer thinks someone will get hurt if the Fed keeps raising interest rates. After weaker than expected nonfarm payrolls, the street expected Fed to not raise rates aggressively. However, after the jobless claims data, the Fed could....More>>>

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Own For 2018

The popularity of recreational vehicles has been rising, and Camping World Holdings (NYSE:CWH) has been maneuvering itself toward the front of the pack to take advantage of the trend. Although competition in the RV business is fierce, the space is quite segmented, and Camping World has a golden opportunity to build out its national presence, and begin to unify its retail face under a single corporate....More>>>

Best Financial Stocks To Watch Right Now

Chris Reining isn’t your average retiree. He said goodbye to his working years at 37, and is now financially independent, living his life on his own terms.

Growing up in a middle-class family in Illinois, Reining says he did well in school, earned scholarships, and attended the school that paid him most. Unlike many other young people, he graduated with only $4,500 debt, which he....More>>>

Top 10 Stocks To Buy For 2018

The high-flying Indian IT outsourcing industry has withstood several challenges in the past. However, a recent obstacle has sent the industry into a tailspin, as these firms scurry around to identify strategies to work around the hindrance.

The industry — valued at over $150 billion and comprising companies such as Wipro Limited (ADR) (NYSE: WIT), Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp....More>>>

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Buy For 2019

Saving for retirement isnt easy, especially given the cost of basic living expenses and debt payments.

But its even harder when you consider that most people dont have positive financial role models and consider finance topics too taboo to discuss openly, according to a recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch study. And if all that wasnt bad enough, the study, Finances in Retirement: New Challenges,....More>>>

Top 5 Financial Stocks For 2018

Remember how the Italian banking crisis threatened to bring down the eurozone financial system over the summer?

Fast forward four months and were at it again. This time its not the Italian lenders that are the main concern, but rather how they and the wider European political system will be impacted if Italians vote no in Sunday’s referendum.

While the ballot is on proposed....More>>>

Best Small Cap Stocks To Watch Right Now

The Q3 2016 earnings report for small cap chip stock Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ: AMD)is scheduled for after the market closes onThursday (October 20th). Wehad AMDin our SmallCap Network Elite Opportunity (SCN EO) portfolioon and off for the past couple of yearswith the last time being as aspeculative takeover candidatedue to itstechnology portfolio. However, Advanced Micro Deviceshas continued....More>>>

Hot Financial Stocks To Watch For 2018

When the U.S. dollar is going down, the price of gold goes up.   The reason is simple… It's basic math.   Gold is priced in U.S. dollars… so if the U.S. dollar is weakening, it takes more dollars to buy the same ounce of gold.   That's the logic, anyway. But does the logic actually work in the financial markets?   Sometimes it doesn't… As the economist....More>>>

Best Financial Stocks For 2019

Americans pay a price for procrastinating on financial matters, but many delay anyway.

Missed financial opportunities abound, whether it’s in getting a late start in retirement planning, failingto draw up a will or simply not having enoughcash on handto meet emergency expenses.

“People know they need to take action, want to take actionand plan on doingsomething someday,”....More>>>

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks For 2019

Like the Pope during the Galileo affair, central bankers prefer to deny the facts that contradict their dogma, the Phillips curve and the Fisher equation in this case. The first posits the existence of a trade-off between inflation and the unemployment rate. The second defines the exogenous and stationary velocity of money as the ratio of nominal GDP to the monetary base. If these axioms hold, central....More>>>