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Top 10 Quality Companies To Invest In Right Now

This week, Delta Air Lines (DAL) announced plans to expand in Boston, perhaps doing to JetBlue Airways (JBLU) what it did to Alaska Air (ALK) in Seattle. Wolfe Research’s Hunter Keay and Matt Morris consider the implications:

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On Monday,Delta issued a lengthy press release detailing its desire to grow in Boston. The release didnt emphasize the growth....More>>>

5 Best Industrial Disributor Stocks To Buy Right Now

One of the arguments against the current bull market is that the S&P 500 hasn’t suffered a bear market in seven years, so one must be overdue. MKM’s Jonathan Krinsky argues the maker has been experiencing a series of “rolling bear” markets. He explains:

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In 1995′s “The Usual Suspects,” Kevin Spacey’s character had....More>>>

Best Life Sciences Companies To Buy For 2017

Goldman Sachs analyst Noah Poponak and team like the defense sector but have some concerns about Lockheed Martin (LMT), particularly its valuation. They explain:

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We continue to hold an Attractive sector view on Defense, where Lockheed is the bellwether and owns one of the Pentagons fastest growing programs in the F-35. However, the remainder of the portfolio....More>>>

Hot India Stocks To Watch For 2017

History has been made.

After last week’s primary victories in California, New Jersey and New Mexico, Hillary Clinton has all but clinched a history-making presidential nomination from a major political party when Democrats convene next month.

On a smaller scale, Clinton’s journey from her first widely known role as First Lady 20 years ago to seeking the Oval Office....More>>>

5 Best High Dividend Stocks To Invest In 2017

Yesterday, shares of Monro Muffler Brake (MNRO) plunged 3.1% after Barron’s Leslie Norton panned the stock in this weekend’s issue of the magazine. And wouldn’t you know it? Monro’s shares are skidding lower once again today.

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Norton’s argument was straightforward:

At a recent $62, Rochester, N.Y.based Monro (ticker:....More>>>

Top Managed Healthcare Companies To Watch For 2017

Biotech stocks have climbed steadily higher over the past few weeks. Still, the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB) has remained range bound between $240 and $290 for much of 2016.

So with major stock indices hitting new record highs, can biotech stocks break free? Perhaps, says Michael Yee, the industry analyst for RBC Capital Markets. But first, the market wants the political rhetoric....More>>>

Hot China Companies For 2017

Shares of Terex (TEX) had surged 32% as of the close of trading last Thursday–but dropped 14% the next day after China’s Zoomlion announced that it wouldn’t be pursuing a purchase of the U.S. crane maker after all. In the aftermath of the scuttled deal, Morgan Stanley’s Mili Pothiwala and Nigel Coe cut Terex to Equal Weight from Overweight:

Balint Porneczi/Bloomberg....More>>>

Best Warren Buffett Companies To Own In Right Now

UBS analyst Michael Lasser and team ask when the acquisition of will be profitable for Wal-Mart Stores (WMT):

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To size the impact to Wal-Marts P&L, we assume Jet achieves $1b in GMV over the next 12 mos & its 3P commissions are ~10%. This implies ~$400m in rev. Also, we est. a gross margin of 20% (assuming a ~10% GM on 1P & ~75% on 3P). News....More>>>

Hot Biotech Companies To Watch In Right Now

As concerns about Gilead Sciences (GILD) mount, Maxim’s Jason Kolbert are bullish on the biotech giant’s HIV franchise but not enough to change his Hold rating on the stock:

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We recently spoke with GILD management about the launch of Genvoya and other HIV products. Our model now factors in our forecast for patient switch trends from other Gilead products....More>>>

Best Wireless Telecom Stocks To Invest In 2017

You found your “dream home,” fell in love and are ready to sign the contract. Not so fast.

This is a huge investment, and perhaps a long-term commitment. So, step back, and ask yourself: What, if anything, stands between you and your dream home?

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Here are three questions you should ask yourself before you make an offer:


Hot Insurance Stocks To Watch Right Now

Yesterday, JPMorgan Chase (JPM) announced that it had added Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) to the list of companies that will now use ChaseNet. KBW’s Brian Kleinhanzl and Michael Brown consider the implications:

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Chase announced that the company will process payments for Wal-Mart on the companys closed-loop network, ChaseNet. We would expect the....More>>>

Top Healthcare Equipment Companies To Invest In Right Now

A guy walks into a financial adviser’s office and says, “I’ve saved $250,000 and I’d like to retire next week and generate $100,000 a year from my portfolio for the rest of my life. Oh, and I want to buy a $50,000 boat.”

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Without missing a beat, the adviser replies, “That will only work if you....More>>>

Top 10 Communications Equipment Companies To Watch For 2017

By now it’s certainly no surprise that the Department of Labor has issued its long awaited missive on fiduciary duty. With over 1,000 pages, there is a lot to absorb; however, I believe the DOL has done a Solomon-like job of streamlining, simplifying and clarifying the rule. Although, like many other supporters of the fiduciary concept, I would have liked to see something stronger, I do believe....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Buy Right Now

Hows that New Year’s resolution to get back to the gym going? Yeah, thought so. But if you find the right facility, you have plenty of time to shape up in time for beach season.

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Do a test workout. Take advantage of the free trial at a few gyms. Be sure to go when you typically work out, try the classes and use the locker room.....More>>>