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10 Best Recreation Stocks To Buy For 2016

Big savers are in trouble in Cyprus. It has been reported many times over the last week that individuals holding more than $100,000 in Cypriot banks, traditionally a tax haven for Russian money, could be losing up to 60% of their capital as part of the country’s bailout plan.

It’s a tough pill to stomach, seeing something like that take place, and it’s a stark reminder of....More>>>

Top High Dividend Stocks To Watch Right Now

Exchange-traded funds are terrific tools for investing. ETFs are generally much less expensive than ordinary actively managed mutual funds. Unlike most actively managed funds, ETFs rarely make capital-gains distributions, so they are more tax-friendly than all but the best-run index funds.

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For the uninitiated, ETFs are just like regular mutual funds....More>>>

Top Energy Stocks To Invest In 2016


The Federal Reserve will at its next meeting reduce its unprecedented stimulus to as little as $60 billion each month, according to Bruce Richards, chief executive officer and co-founder of New York-based hedge-fund firm Marathon Asset Management LP.

The tapering will begin this month with the U.S. central bank reducing its bond purchases to the annual equivalent of about....More>>>

Best Construction Material Stocks To Buy For 2016

Based on the aggregated intelligence of 180,000-plus investors participating in Motley Fool CAPS, the Fool’s free investing community, online marketplace giant eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY  ) has earned a respected four-star ranking.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at eBay and see what CAPS investors are saying about the stock right now.

eBay facts


Top Sliver Companies To Watch In Right Now

While investors and consumers are shifting attention to the release of the iPhone 6 in the second half of the year, the biggest revelation from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference wasn’t about a particular piece of software, but rather a subtle shift in the company’s approach to business. Apple  (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) has opened up development tools and capabilities....More>>>

Hot Construction Material Stocks To Buy For 2016

Chinese telecom software provider AsiaInfo-Linkage (NASDAQ: ASIA  ) announced this morning that it has agreed to be acquired by a private investor consortium led by CITIC Capital Partners for approximately $890 million.

AsiaInfo shareholders will receive $12.00 per share for their stock under the deal, which represents a 52% premium over the closing price on Jan. 11, 2012, the....More>>>

Best Media Stocks For 2016

Arian Foster is one of the NFL’s most intriguing players. He recently spoke out about the NCAA, he has been described as an “avid writer of poetry,” and went “mostly vegan” last summer. 

Because Foster is so quirky, today’s news that a company named Fantex is holding an IPO on Arian Foster’s earnings in perpetuity might sound like a joke. But it’s....More>>>

Top 10 Oil Service Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Every product has a limited life and the only thing that can stretch its life is product development. Google (GOOG) constantly keeps improving its smartphone offerings with the aim to provide better and innovative features to its users. But no matter how much development is taking place, the scope of the offering is not expanding much. What about giving something new to the users? Well, it seems,....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Companies To Own For 2016

Think patent wars are only being fought – and won – by consumer technologies like Vringo, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNG) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)? Think again. While the Vringo patent war with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and the Apple infringement case against Samsung may have been the world’s highest-profile patent litigation conflicts (and most covered by the media), patent infringement....More>>>

Top 10 Solar Companies To Buy Right Now

Although business headlines still tout earnings numbers, many investors have moved past net earnings as a measure of a company’s economic output. That’s because earnings are very often less trustworthy than cash flow, since earnings are more open to manipulation based on dubious judgment calls.

Earnings’ unreliability is one of the reasons Foolish investors often flip straight....More>>>

Top 5 Japanese Companies For 2016

The automotive industry is undergoing a lot of developments with people spending a lot on luxury cars. Moreover, the emergence of electric vehicles has been a breakthrough as it leads to lower costs and no use of fuel. In fact, auto sales jumped 5.9% over last year, to 16.1 million units for the month of April.

Therefore, automotive retailers too are enjoying the benefits of growing demand....More>>>

Hot Gas Utility Stocks To Own For 2016

The euro took a knock after the German constitutional court said the European Central Bank’s plan to buy bonds of struggling eurozone states appeared to breach EU law.

LONDON (CNNMoney) Six German judges cast doubt Friday on the legality of one of Europe’s main weapons in its battle to save the euro.

Germany’s constitutional court, in a split ruling, said....More>>>

Best Sliver Companies To Invest In Right Now

Bubble tea may be commonplace in Asia, but the success of various independent shops and chains in California could one day be defined by service and variety. While chains such as Lollicup Coffee & Tea and Tapioca Express Inc. were founded in southern California and are working on expanding globally, the state has seen a dozen others come and go. Here are three Taiwanese chains....More>>>

Best High Tech Stocks For 2016

As the third-largest school bus transportation provider in North America, Student Transportation Inc (TSX: STB, NSDQ: STB) has an intriguing story and an enticing 8.5 percent yield that has attracted substantial support from income-hungry retail investors. Nevertheless, it’s worth scrutinizing how such a small company–its CAD582.5 million market capitalization puts it toward the lower-end....More>>>

5 Best Industrial Conglomerate Stocks To Watch For 2016

With shares of Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) trading around $76, is SBUX an OUTPERFORM, WAIT AND SEE, or STAY AWAY? Let’s analyze the stock with the relevant sections of our CHEAT SHEET investing framework:

T = Trends for a Stock’s Movement

Starbucks is a roaster, marketer, and retailer of coffee operating worldwide. The company purchases and roasts the coffees it sells along with....More>>>