PACIFIC: What’s next at Microsoft and Google

What’s Next: The Chinese Global Standard. The coming battle between US and Chinese tech firms for global conquest, which we wrote about Friday, is inching closer to reality amid signs that China intends to export its own industrial standards.

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Bloomberg’s Andrew Polk explains: “As China boosts overseas investment through its Belt and Road infrastructure program, it is increasingly dictating not just the terms of financing but also a broader set of technological applications. In doing so, it is altering the global competitive landscape by defining and exporting technical standards for everything from artificial intelligence to hydropower.”

The Big Picture: “To the extent that China’s standards supplant Western ones, it will represent a direct threat to the profitability of non-Chinese companies. … [and] it will undoubtedly challenge their ability to commercialize technology in other markets.”

Meanwhile … China is insisting that international airlines stop saying Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau are not part of China. The White House calls it “Orwellian nonsense,” but some airlines are moving to comply. My colleagues Daniel Shane and Julia Horowitz explain.