PACIFIC The ‘Women in Tech’ problem is worse than you think

The Big Picture: There aren’t enough women in tech.

The vast majority of people making the decisions that will determine our future are men, which means the unique insights and skills of the majority gender are being left out of the equation. From grand strategy to day-to-day implementation, there aren’t enough women authoring our future.

Reuters’ Jennifer Saba has created a calculator to show how many years it would take Apple, Google and Facebook to achieve gender parity in their workforces if they each committed to making 51% of new hires women: Apple: 15, Google: 14, Facebook: 7.

But: 51% is not the current ratio. Far from it. Which means that without bold leadership on gender parity, we’re at least several decades away from a world where tech companies reflect the overall makeup of the labor market.

What’s standing in the way, via Saba:

Education: “Less than one-fifth of computer and information science majors are female,” according to the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Promotion: “Companies entrench the problem by failing to promote women or retain them.”

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