Monday Madness: What You Need to Know About the Markets

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9 Stocks Goldman Sachs Thinks Will Blow Wall Street’s Performance Away in 2019

Brian Sozzi, Executive Editor of TheStreet, listed some of the hottest stocks of 2019 ,according to a Goldman Sachs strategist.

Yes, he is aware that it’s still 2018, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead, right?

“Nevertheless, much of the Wall Street’s smart money will extract themselves from trading the news cycle and place bets on 2019 from exotic beaches this summer. Goldman Sachs believes the best stocks to play in a year of rising interest rates and less of a tax reform bump are those companies with strong sales growth potential,” said Sozzi.

Apple Buys Tesla? Amazon Buys Sears? 3 Dream Mergers That Just Make Sense

Kinsey Grant, a reporter for TheStreet, breaks down her dreams.

“Sears has long been the poster child for the rapid, festering decline of American retail. But in a recently announced deal with Amazon to add tires to its Kenmore appliance sales on the giant eCommerce platform, Sears has injected itself with some new life,” said Grant.

Grant even hypothesizes that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) should buy Netflix  (NFLX) . Crazy, right? Well, maybe not.

Would Apple Inc. (AAPL)  purchasing Tesla reduce the amount of times that Elon Musk is in the news? A girl can dream.

You Can Love Tesla, but Don’t Be Blind to the Blunt Truth

Ah, Tesla Inc. (TSLA) makes yet another appearance on the daily wrap up. 

This time, Bret Kenwell, a writer for TheStreet, forces bullish Tesla investors to acknowledge the truth: there are red flags. 

Don’t worry Tesla enthusiasts, Kenwell isn’t just raining on your parade. He has some positive things to say.

“In a nutshell, some investors like to invest in companies they feel are changing the world. With Tesla shaking up the electric car game, having plenty of opportunity in China and pursuing projects like the Solar Roof, how can we not view it that way?”

Everyone needs a little advice sometimes. Tesla investors, maybe this is the advice you need.

That’s it for Monday. It’s almost the weekend, right? (A girl can dream.)

Both Microsoft and Apple are holdings in Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLU.