Lexaria Bioscience (LXRP) Shares Set For a Great First Quarter

Don’t be surprised if Lexaria Bioscience Corp (OTCMKTS:LXRP) shares seem a little peppier and even more bullish than usual for the next three months, give or take… and that’s saying something considering LXRP is 158% since early October, and up 47% since mid-December. Why’s that? The organization has hired a publicity firm to help tell its story to an even bigger audience, and that attention could attract a whole new batch of buyers for the stock.

Granted, the Lexaria Bioscience story is a compelling one to begin with.

If 2016 (and 2017 so far) were to be pegged with any major investment “themes,” cannabis would have to be it. Marijuana/hemp — cannabinoids, ultimately — was on the ballot for one reason or another in nine states this past November, and those pro-cannabis measures passed in eight of those votes. As such, cannabis is now legal for at least one reason in 26 states of the United States, and the movement is still gathering momentum.

And well it should. The recreational aspect of marijuana and cannabinoids aside, hemp (a form of cannabis plant that isn’t the kind of marijuana that provides a “high”) delivers a multitude of health benefits. Specifically, users of hemp oil find the plant-based oil improves immunity, improves cardiovascular health, moderates blood sugar, treats skin conditions, treats arthritis, inhibits osteoporosis, fights some mental disorders, and in some cases has been found to be an anti-cancer agent. Lexaria Bioscience is simply enhancing these benefits of hemp oil by enhancing the amount of hemp oil a human body can absorb when ingested.

Simply put, Lexaria has developed and patented a proprietary technology that makes valuable molecules taste better and absorb better in the digestive tract. The key to the science is the fact that Lexaria Bioscience is able to combine cannabinoids with lipids — or fatty acids — at the molecular level. It matters, because the human endocannabinoid system is itself lipid based, making this format the easiest and most effective means of introducing the medicinal and health benefits of hemp and hemp oil.

And it’s not just an in-the-lab theory. Two different studies have been done to support the claim.

The first study — a third party review and in-vitro assessment of cannabidiol (CBD) bioabsorption done late last year — indicated up to a 499% improvement in absorption compared to what was currently achievable. The second study performed earlier this year was a human clinical trial of nitric oxide induction. This study demonstrated potent CBD bioabsorption in humans using a nitricoxide salivary biomarker test. All subjects demonstrated rapid, significant and sustained increase in salivary nitric oxide levels (a 500%-1000% increase) following product ingestion, verifying the company’s ViPova(tm) brand of teas, coffee and hot chocolate as well as its Lexaria Energy Foods Protein Bars could provide a superior hemp-usage experience.

The company has already signed several licensing and co-op programs to further commercialize the science.

Fast forward to today… well, yesterday. That’s when Lexaria announced it had hired CFN Media to begin a 90-day publicity campaign designed to introduce the LXRP opportunity to potential investors.

Such campaigns are common for young, small companies that would otherwise go unnoticed by the mainstream media, which tends to focus on larger, more familiar organizations that are more widely owned by a bigger audience. A smaller following, however, does not make such a company any less of a growth opportunity. Indeed, smaller names like Lexaria Bioscience are better-than-average prospects because the company has usually only recently unveiled a new product or science, and is still making its very first sales.

More important, these campaigns usually work well… especially those initiated by CFN Media. The impact could be evident immediately, and could very well create a bullish undertow for the entire three-month span.

For more on Lexaria, visit the company website here.