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Deere & Company (DE) plans to announce third quarter results on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at approximately 9:00 a.m. CT.

Wall Street anticipates that the heavy equipment maker will make a profit of $1.89 per share for the quarter. iStock expects the Deere to beat Wall Street’s consensus number. The iEstimate is $1.95.

Deere & Company manufactures and distributes agriculture and turf equipment, and construction and forestry equipment worldwide.

The industrial goods company has a solid record of topping Wall Street’s consensus estimate. The “Nothing runs like a Deere” company has bypassed expectation for 16 of the last 20 quarterly checkups. On average, DE beats the street by 49%. Take out two lopsided bullish surprises of 360% and 200% and the average falls to a still impressive 16.29%. Meanwhile, the four bearish misses averaged -16.10%.

Hot Perfo rming Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Research in Motion Limited(RIMM)

Research In Motion Limited (RIM) designs, manufactures, and markets wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. The company, through the development of integrated hardware, software, and services, provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information, including email, phone, short messaging service, and Internet and Intranet-based applications and browsing. Its products and services principally comprise the BlackBerry wireless platform, the RIM Wireless Handheld product line, software development tools, and other software and hardware. The company?s BlackBerry smartphones use wireless, push-based technology that delivers data to mobile users? business and consumer applications. Its BlackBerry smartphone portfolio includes BlackBerry Bold series, the BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Curve series, the BlackBerry Style, BlackBerry Storm series, the BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Pearl series, and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. T h e company?s BlackBerry enterprise solutions comprise BlackBerry enterprise server, BlackBerry enterprise server express, BlackBerry mobile voice system, and hosted BlackBerry services. Its technology also enables third party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services through software development kits, wireless connectivity to data, and third-party support programs. In addition, the company offers BlackBerry technical support services, non-warranty repairs, and nonrecurring engineering services. Further, it provides BlackBerry App World that offers BlackBerry smartphone users an electronic catalogue that aids in the discovery and download/purchase of applications directly from their BlackBerry smartphone. The company markets and sells its BlackBerry wireless solutions primarily through global wireless communications carriers, and third party distribution channels. Research In Motion Limited was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canad a .

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Holly LaFon]

    If an idea doubles within a year, the contestant will win more. This month, GuruFocus is awarding author Jean-Francois Nobert (Ecotycoon) $1,000 for his idea, Research In Motion (RIMM), which doubled since he submitted in July.

  • [By Matthew Indyke and Brian Zen]

    Klarman said the following to investors in his Baupost letter earlier this year: “Our disciplined risk aversion throughout 2011 enabled us to avoid dangerous temptations and remain focused on investments in our areas of strength and competitive advantage.” Competitive advantage comes down to two questions. Can the company raise prices for their products while maintaining sales in a competitive environment? Can it continue to retain customers as the business undergoes operational and technological changes? One aspect for investors to keep in mind is that of technological change, a constant threat to industries like retail stores and mobile communications. Best Buy (BBY) used to be the go-to place where customers could shop for electronic appliances but internet retail took that away. RIM (RIMM) used to be a model company that produced phones for email on-the-go but competitors like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) upped the ante and took away the value of RIM’s produc ts. These kinds of circumstances show that keeping up with trends on a regular basis is a vital part of bottom-up investing.

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN)

Credit Suisse Group AG is a Switzerland-based holding company engaged in private banking, investment banking and asset management areas. It operates through four divisions: Private Banking, which consists of the Wealth Management Clients and Corporate & Institutional Clients business; Investment Banking, provides a range of financial products and services, with a focus on client-driven, flow-based and capital-efficient businesses; Asset Management, offers a range of asset class products, including alternative investments, and multi-asset class solutions, including equities and fixed income products, and Shared Services, which provides centralized corporate services and business support for the Company’s divisions. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Marie Mawad]

    Orange was advised by Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) and Messier, Maris & Associes. Altice was advised by Lazard Ltd. Goldman Sachs Group Inc lead the financing on the deal, working with Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank AG, Barclays Plc and Credit Agricole SA.

  • [By Nina Mehta]

    Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN), operator of the largest U.S. dark pool, said it will no longer publicly disseminate monthly volume data for the private stock-trading venue, according to an executive at Tabb Group LLC.

  • [By Sharon Cho]

    Growing demand for the most-stable equities has spurred a record 31 straight days of foreign inflows into South Korean shares, while concern over Federal Reserve tapering and America’s debt-ceiling debate sent the benchmark gauge of U.S. stock volatility to a three-month high on Oct. 8. Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN), UBS Wealth Management and Bank Julius Baer & Co. say they’re bullish on South Korea as smaller price swings lure investors to companies from SK Hynix Inc. (000660) to LG Chem Ltd. (051910)

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: CollabRx Inc (CLRX)

CollabRx, Inc., incorporated on September 20, 1995, is focused on developing and delivering content knowledge-based products and services that inform healthcare decision-making, with an emphasis on genomics-based precision medicine and big data analytics. The Company delivers content to users through Web-based applications and services in the cloud serving physicians and their patients in two settings: at the point-of-care in the clinic and indirectly, as a part of a genetic test report provided to an ordering physician by a diagnostic testing laboratory, (lab). The Company’s Therapy Finder Web-based application serves as an initial user-interface to the underlying knowledge base. It is available free of charge on its Website. In addition, a professional version is offered to registered physicians through MedPage Today, an offering of Everyday Health, Inc.

The Company’s offering provides the clinical interpretation of genetic variants present in human tum or biopsies, and is sold directly to diagnostic labs that perform molecular testing on patients. Its Genetic Variant Application (GVA) is compiled by its software platform to provide specific insights to a patient’s diagnostic test results on a test-by-test basis. The GVA results are provided to laboratories in a variety of forms, including with a front-end user Interface (UI) or directly integrated into a customer’s laboratory information management system (LIMS). The Company’s content is identified as Powered by CollabRx within the test report. Portions of its Web-based applications are available free to physicians and patients through commercial on-line media partners under a license and advertising or sponsorship revenue sharing arrangement. The content that, the Company offers to laboratories is sold based on a variation of Software as a service (SaaS) business model, in which its content is provided on a one-time, subscription or per test basis. It also receives fee-for-service payments in connection with customized user ! interfaces to its database.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By John Udovich]

    One way or the other, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: MACK), Covidien plc (NYSE: COV), NeoGenomics, Inc (NASDAQ: NEO) and CollabRx Inc (NASDAQ: CLRX) are targeting Barrett’s Esophagus or esophageal cancer (the former often leads to the latter) – a form of cancer that may not be on the top of your list of cancers but is nevertheless on the rise. Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from Barrett’s Esophagus,  a condition that develops as a result of chronic injury from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) where the normal esophageal lining is replaced with abnormal cells (known as Barrett’s tissue), putting patients at greater risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. And although less than 1% of these patients develop cancer each year, esophageal carcinoma is frequently not detected until later stages, at which point therapy options are limited, extremely invasive, and often ineffective. This means that early detection is important along with r egular surveillance is recommended. 

  • [By James E. Brumley]

    Every year, more than 100,000 white papers on the topic of cancer and cancer treatments are published. Right now, there are over 500 new cancer drugs in development, and those therapies are part of more than 10,000 different clinical trials currently underway. That’s all in addition to the already-approved cancer drugs, and the volumes of information we already know about oncology. What’s it mean? It means the cancer-treating energy often suffers from information overload, which in turn means patients aren’t getting the best care they could get. The solution is a tool built by a little company called CollabRx Inc. (NASDAQ:CLRX). The validation for that solution comes from much bigger companies Quest Diagnostics Inc. (NYSE:DGX) and Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFX).

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp.(RPTP)

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. operates as a biotechnology company in the United States. The company is dedicated to speeding the delivery of new treatment options to patients by working to improve existing therapeutics through the application of highly specialized drug targeting platforms and formulation expertise. Its clinical stage development products include DR Cysteamine, which is in phase IIb for the treatment of cystinosis; phase IIa for the non-alcoholic steatohepatitis; and phase II for the treatment of Huntington?s disease. Raptor?s clinical-stage products also include Convivia that is in Phase IIa stage for the potential management of acetaldehyde toxicity due to alcohol consumption; and Tezampanel and NGX 426, which completed phase I stage for the treatment of migraine and pain. Its preclinical product candidates comprise HepTide for the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Hepatitis; WntTide for the treatment of breast cancer; NeuroTrans for the treatmen t of neurodegenerative diseases; and Tezampanel and NGX 426 for the treatment of Thrombosis and Spasticity Disorder. Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. is headquartered in Novato, California.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Jake L’Ecuyer]

    Raptor Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: RPTP) was down, falling 20.45 percent to $11.77 after the company reported Q4 results. Raptor Pharmaceutical posted a Q4 loss of $0.20 per share, versus the projected loss of $0.16 per share.

  • [By Jake L’Ecuyer]

    Raptor Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: RPTP) was down, falling 10.04 percent to $13.31 after the company reported Q4 results. Raptor Pharmaceutical posted a Q4 loss of $0.20 per share, versus the projected loss of $0.16 per share.

  • [By Jake L’Ecuyer]

    Equities Trading UP
    Raptor Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: RPTP) shot up 16.62 percent to $17.40 after the company announced positive clinical results with RP103 in Huntington’s disease Phase 2/3 trial.

  • [By Roberto Pedone]

    One biotechnology player that’s starting to trend within range of triggering a big breakout trade is Raptor Pharmaceuticals (RPTP), which has a pipeline that includes both candidates from its proprietary drug targeting platforms and in-licensed and acquired product candidates. This stock is in play with the bulls so far in 2013, with shares up sharply by 151%.

    >>5 Hated Earnings Stocks You Should Love

    If you take a look at the chart for Raptor Pharmaceuticals, you’ll notice that stock has been uptrending strong for the last six months, with shares soaring higher from its low of $5.50 to its recent high of $15.29 a share. During that uptrend, shares of RPTP have been consistently making higher lows and higher highs, which is bullish technical price action. That move has now pushed shares of RPTP within range of triggering a big breakout trade.

    Traders should now look for long-biased trades in RPTP if it manages to break out above some near-term overhead resistance levels at $14.99 a share to its 52-week high at $15.29 a share with high volume. Look for a sustained move or close above those levels with volume that hits near or above its three-month average volume of 844,332 shares. If that breakout triggers soon, then RPTP will set up to enter new 52-week-high territory, which is bullish technical price action. Some possible upside targets off that breakout are $18 to $20 a share, or even north of $20 a share.

    Traders can look to buy RPTP off any weakness to anticipate that breakout and simply use a stop that sits right below some key near-term support levels at $13.69 a share or at $13 a share. One can also buy RPTP off strength once it takes out those breakout levels with volume and then simply use a stop that sits a comfortable percentage from your entry point.

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Deltathree Inc (DDDC)

deltathree, Inc. (deltathree), incorporated January 27, 1998, is a provider of integrated video and voices over Internet Protocol (VoIP), telephony services, products, hosted solutions and infrastructure. deltathree offers a range of private label VoIP products and services, as well as back-office platforms. The Company’s operations management tools include account provisioning; e-commerce-based payment processing systems; billing and account management; operations management; Web development; network management; and customer care. The Company’s direct-to-consumer channel includes its joip Mobile application, iConnectHere offering (which provides VoIP products and services directly to consumers and small businesses online using the same primary platform) and its joip offering (which serves as the exclusive VoIP service provider embedded in the Globarange cordless phones of Panasonic Communications).


Deltathree’s products include joip M obile Application, Digital Video and Voice-over-IP Services, Broadband Phone and personal computer (PC)-to-Phone. The Company’s joip Mobile application is a cellular phone application providing low cost mobile calls over third-generation (3G) cellular networks, as well as wireless fidelity (WiFi) networks. Cellular operating systems supported by joip Mobile include the iPhone, Google Android. Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. Through the use of the Company’s network it offers a white-label solution in which its customers have the ability to customize, implement and rapidly launch digital next generation communications offerings with minimal risk and investment. For the Company’s potential partners, the Company offers a range of service provider back-end support services, including network management, billing, provisioning, e-commerce, as well as custom Web and application development.

The Company’s Broadband Phone product is a phone replacement solution available to business and retail customers over the last mile through br! oadband connections through cable modem, digital subscriber line (DSL) or fixed wireless. Broadband Phone enables a user to conveniently operate features and retrieve voice mail through e-mail, Web or a phone interface. The Company’s PC-to-Phone offering enables a user to conveniently and inexpensively place a call to a standard telephone anywhere in the world directly from a personal computer while remaining on-line.


deltathree operations management tools include video mail, account provisioning, payment processing systems, billing and account management, customer care and network operations care. The Company provides a video mail feature for its video phones applications. The Company provides its service provider and reseller customers with a Web page through which it can order additional services or accounts, generate and activate PINs and perform other customary implementation functions. It provides the customers with a fraud detection and prevention system to permits secure credit card transactions over the Web.

The Company provides the customers with real-time, Web-based access to billing records to check billing and usage information or to increases prepaid accounts. It has moved and consolidated traditional first tiers customer care functions onto the Web for ease and flexibility and support this with second tier customer care. The Company provides a Network Operations Center (NOC), automated troubles ticket system, which enables its customers to submit, manage, and follow-up with technical questions and issues online. The provision of VoIP products and services through the Company’s service provider and reseller sales channel and its direct-to-consumer channel accounted for 75.4% and 23.3% of its total revenues during 2011, respectively.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By John Udovich]

    Bardin, who previously ran online-video startup Intercast Networks and co-founded online-calling service Deltathree Inc. (DDDC), has increased his presence in the Israeli startup scene in recent years, speaking at conferences and appearing at technology-industry events.

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: North American Oil & Gas Corp (NAMG)

Calendar Dragon Inc., incorporated on April 7, 2010, is a development-stage company. The Company was formed to create a new calendaring tool that incorporates a range of features not offered by other providers, all in one lean online package. Its Website was formed to bridge the gap between current social networking, e-mail and calendaring / scheduling activities for the individual, with applications to business, government, law enforcement, and medical.

The Website focuses on having each of the various windows within the interface: Contacts like an email app, traditional left location; Events & to do lists along with ability to hide / show events and to do lists with others; Calendar customizable view; Message text (thread), along with list of participants in a separate pane, and Options. During the fiscal year ended November 30, 2010, the Company did not generate any revenue.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Peter Graham]

    What’s the Catch With New Western Energy Corp? According to various disclosures, transactions of $3k and $4k have or will occur to mention New Western Energy Corp in various investment newsletters. Last Tuesday, New Western Energy Corp announced it had drilled the Anna #1 well to 1,793 ft. and the presence of coal gas was confirmed. If the quantity of gas is sufficient, the New Western Energy Corp will construct a gas gathering pipeline for no more than $200k to connect the field to the nearest sales point. Investors should be aware that the New Western Energy Corp has reported revenues of $19k (most recent reported quarter), $31k, $24k and $15k for the past four quarters along with net losses of $181k (most recent reported quarter), $1,025k, $106k and $110k. Nevertheless and at the end of March, New Western Energy Corp had $793k in cash to cover $521k in current liabilities. That could be enough cash to sustain the company until it gets more revenue pumping in.

    North American Oil & Gas Corp (OTCBB: NAMG) Has Announced a Completed Strategic Review

    Small cap North American Oil & Gas Corp is focused on the prolific San Joaquin Basin in onshore California with existing foundation assets targeting exploration and exploitation of high impact oil and gas projects located near infrastructure and existing discoveries. On Friday, North American Oil & Gas Corp fell 1.05% to $0.940 for a market cap of $56.52 million plus NAMG is up 276% since November 2012 according to Google Finance.

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc (MACK)

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc., incorporated in 1993, is a biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and preparing to commercialize medicines paired with companion diagnostics for the treatment of serious diseases, with an initial focus on cancer. The Company’s product candidates include MM-398, MM-121, MM-111, MM-302 and MM-151. As of June 31, 2011, the Company owned approximately 74% interest of Silver Creek.

The Company’s Network biology is an interdisciplinary approach to drug discovery and development that enables the Company to build functional and predictive computational models of biological systems based on quantitative, kinetic, multiplexed biological data. The Company provides its scientists with insights into how the complex molecular interactions that occur within cell signaling pathways, or networks, regulate cell decisions and how dysfunction within these networks leads to disease. The Company applies network biology throughout the research and development process, including for target identification, lead compound design and optimization, diagnostic discovery, in vitro and in vivo predictive development and the design of clinical trial protocols.


MM-398 is a stable nanotherapeutic encapsulation, or enclosed sphere carrying an active drug, of the marketed chemotherapy drug irinotecan. MM-398 achieved its primary efficacy endpoints in Phase 2 clinical trials in pancreatic and gastric cancer. In an open label, single arm Phase 2 clinical trial of MM-398 as a monotherapy in 40 metastatic pancreatic cancer patients who had previously failed treatment with gemcitabine, patients treated with MM-398 achieved median overall survival of 22.4 weeks. Additionally, 20% of the patients in this Phase 2 trial survived for more than one year, and the Company observed a disease control rate, meaning patients exhibited stable disease or partial or complete response to treatment, of 47.5% at six weeks.

The Company focuses on initiati! ng a Phase 3 clinical trial of MM-398 for the treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have previously failed treatment with gemcitabine. The trial is expected to enroll approximately 250 patients and is designed to compare the efficacy of MM-398 as a monotherapy against the combination of the chemotherapy drugs fluorouracil, or 5-FU, and leucovorin. There are multiple ongoing Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials of MM-398. In July 2011, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted MM-398 orphan drug designation for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.


MM-121 is a fully human monoclonal antibody that targets ErbB3, a cell surface receptor, or protein attached to the cell membrane that mediates communication inside and outside the cell, that the Company’s network biology approach identified as a target in a range of cancers. A monoclonal antibody is a type of protein normally produced by cells of the immune s ystem that binds to just one epitope, or chemical structure, on a protein or other structure. MM-121 is designed to inhibit cancer growth directly, restore sensitivity to drugs to which a tumor has become resistant and delay the development of resistance of a tumor to other agents. In collaboration with Sanofi, the Company focuses on testing MM-121 in combination with both chemotherapies and other targeted agents across a range of spectrum of solid tumors, including lung, breast and ovarian cancers. The Company partnered MM-121 with Sanofi after it initiated Phase 1 clinical development of the product candidate.


MM-111 is a bispecific antibody designed to target cancer cells that are characterized by overexpression of the ErbB2 cell surface receptor, also referred to as HER2. A bispecific antibody is a type of antibody that is able to bind simultaneously to two distinct proteins or epitopes. The Company’s network biology approach identified that ligand-induced signaling through the complex of ErbB2 ! (HER2) an! d ErbB3 is a promoter of tumor growth and survival than previously appreciated.


MM-302 is a nanotherapeutic encapsulation of doxorubicin with attached antibodies that are designed to target MM-302 to cells that over express the ErbB2 (HER2) receptor. The Company is conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial of MM-302 in patients with advanced ErbB2 (HER2) positive breast cancer.


MM-151 is an oligoclonal therapeutic consisting of a mixture of three fully human monoclonal antibodies designed to bind to non-overlapping epitopes of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). EGFR is also known as ErbB1. An oligoclonal therapeutic is a mixture of two or more distinct monoclonal antibodies. The Company has designed MM-151 to block signal amplification that occurs within the ErbB cell signaling network. The Company has submitted an investigational new drug application (IND), to the FDA for MM-151 in July 2011.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By John Udovich]

    One way or the other, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: MACK), Covidien plc (NYSE: COV), NeoGenomics, Inc (NASDAQ: NEO) and CollabRx Inc (NASDAQ: CLRX) are targeting Barrett’s Esophagus or esophageal cancer (the former often leads to the latter) – a form of cancer that may not be on the top of your list of cancers but is nevertheless on the rise. Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from Barrett’s Esophagus,  a condition that develops as a result of chronic injury from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) where the normal esophageal lining is replaced with abnormal cells (known as Barrett’s tissue), putting patients at greater risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. And although less than 1% of these patients develop cancer each year, esophageal carcinoma is frequently not detected until later stages, at which point therapy options are limited, extremely invasive, and often ineffective. This means that early detection is important along with r egular surveillance is recommended. 

  • [By Monica Gerson]

    Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MACK) dipped 15.38% to $2.86 after the company reported that Phase 2 study Of MM-121 missed primary endpoint.

    IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI) shares fell 14.51% to $49.50 in the pre-market trading after the company reported downbeat Q3 revenue.

  • [By Eric Volkman]

    Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MACK  ) is gearing up for a double dose of fund-raising. The company announced that it will concurrently float both a common stock and a convertible notes issue in a public offering. In the former, Merrimack will offer $50 million worth of shares, while the latter will take the form of $75 million in senior notes maturing in 2020. Additionally, the company expects that it will grant its underwriters a 30-day purchase option for up to an additional $7.5 million worth of common shares and $11.25 million of the convertible notes.

  • [By Keith Speights]

    Not so merry
    Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MACK  ) shareholders have had reason to party since early May, with the stock surging more than 60%. The merriment came to a stop this week, though, as shares tanked by 27%.

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Exone Co (XONE)

The ExOne Company, incorporated on December 21, 2012, is engaged in manufacturing and selling three-dimensional (3D) printing machines and printing products to specification for its customers using its in-house 3D printing machines. The Company provides 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and related services to industrial customers in the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, energy/oil/gas and other industries. It offers pre-production collaboration and print products for customers through its production service centers (PSCs), which are located in the United States, Germany and Japan. On January 1, 2013, the Company merged its predecessor company, The Ex One Company, LLC, with and into EXO Acquisitions Inc., which changed its name to The ExOne Company.

The Company produces an array of materialization systems to support a range of customer needs and facility requirements. It offers two printers on the world market for 3D printing of sand and metal ma terials, offering build sizes as large as 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm (70 x 39 x 27 in.) for sand and 780 x 400 x 400 mm (30.7 x 15.75 x 15.75 in.) for metal. It also offers Orion short pulse laser systems, utilizing a five-axis machine tool with four additional axes available on the trepanning head. The Company builds 3D printing machines at its facilities in the United States and Germany. The Company also supplies the associated products, including consumables and replacement parts, and services, including training and technical support, necessary for purchasers of its machines to print products. The Company’s 3D printing machines are able to manufacture casting molds and cores from specialty silica sand and ceramics, which are the traditional materials for these casting products.

The Company competes with 3D Systems Corporation, Stratasys Inc., Solidscape, Inc. and Objet Ltd., EOS Optronics GmbH, EnvisionTEC GmbH, and Solid Model Ltd.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Dan Caplinger]

    Investors lost confidence in the stock market on Thursday, as many market commentators started to consider the possibility that the long-awaited correction in the major market benchmarks could finally be happening. With small-cap stocks having already fallen substantially from their highs earlier this year, those bearish arguments took on more weight. But company-specific issues weighed on E-Commerce China Dangdang (NYSE: DANG  ) , ExOne (NASDAQ: XONE  ) , and Arctic Cat (NASDAQ: ACAT  ) today, leading to much more dramatic losses for those stocks.

  • [By FinanceGuru]

    Moreover, since Organovo has embarked upon a completely different approach to 3D printing, it doesn’t have to face stiff competition. By comparison, 3D Systems will have to compete against the likes of Stratasys (SSYS), Voxeljet (VJET), and ExOne (XONE). In addition, since Organovo’s technology is different and unique, its growth will not be restricted by the aforementioned problems.

  • [By Sue Chang]

    3D printing stocks could be in play Thursday after ExOne Co. (XONE)   late Wednesday reported a wider-than-forecast first-quarter loss. Shares fell 12% after hours. 3D Systems Corp. (DDD)  was down 0.6% on light volume.

  • [By Wallace Witkowski]

    ExOne Co. (XONE)  shares fell 12% to $27.10 on moderate volume after the 3D printer company reported a first-quarter loss of 38 cents a share on revenue of $7.3 million. Analysts were expecting a loss of 12 cents a share on revenue of $9.7 million.