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Today, I’m going to do an analysis of Singapore-based Overseas Education Limited which I think is as awesome as a Bosnian model (which is very awesome).  The company operates a leading private foreign system school in Singapore. The company trades on the Singapore stock exchange with the stock code RQ1. Overseas Education earns tremendous returns on capital, has a strong balance sheet and is reasonably valued. The company’s stock price is currently at Singapore Dollar (S$) 0.81. I personally intend to pick up some shares in Overseas Education in the near future.

Hot Financial Stocks To Buy Right Now: Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG)

Fortress Investment Group LLC (Fortress) is a global investment management firm. Its offering of alternative investment products includes private equity funds, liquid hedge funds and credit funds. In addition, it offers traditional investment products. As of December 31, 2011, it managed alternative assets in three businesses: Private Equity, Liquid Hedge Funds and Credit Funds. Private Equity is a business, which manages assets under management (AUM) consisted of two business segments: private equity funds, which make investments in debt and equity securities of public or privately held entities in North America and Western Europe, and publicly traded alternative investment vehicles, which it refer to as Castles, which invest in real estate and real estate related debt investments. Liquid Hedge Funds invest globally in fixed income, currency, equity and commodity markets and related derivatives. Credit Funds is a business, which manages AUM consisted of two business segme nts: credit hedge funds which make investments in assets, opportunistic lending situations and securities, on a global basis and throughout the capital structure, as well as non-Fortress originated funds, for which Fortress has been retained as manager as part of an advisory business, and credit private equity (PE) funds, which are consisted of a family of credit opportunities funds focused on investing in distressed and undervalued assets, a range of long dated value funds focused on investing in undervalued assets with cash flows and long investment horizons, a range of real assets funds focused on investing in tangible and intangible assets in four principal categories (real estate, capital assets and natural resources), a family of Asia funds, including Japan real estate funds and an Asian investor based global opportunities fund, and a range of real estate opportunities funds.

Private Equity Funds

The Company’s private equity business is made up of a series of funds named the Fortress Investment Funds! and organized to make control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset-based businesses in North America and Western Europe. Investors in its private equity funds contractually commit capital at the outset of a fund, which is then drawn down as investment opportunities become available, generally over a one to three year investment period. Management fees of 1% to 1.5% are generally charged on committed capital during the investment period of a new fund, and then on invested capital (or net asset value (NAV), if lower). It also earns a 10% to 25% share of the profits on each realized investment in a fund.

The Company manages two companies: Newcastle Investment Corp. and Eurocastle Investment Limited, which it calls its Castles. It earns management fees from each Castle equal to 1.5% of the company’s equity. In addition, it earns incentive income equal to 25% of the company’s funds from operations (FFO) in excess of specified returns to the Compa ny’s shareholders. In addition to these fees, it also receives from the Castles, for services provided, options to purchase shares of their common stock in connection with each of their common stock offerings.

Liquid Hedge Funds

The Fortress Macro Funds, and Fortress’s legacy macro-strategy funds, the Drawbridge Global Macro Funds, apply an investment process based on macroeconomic fundamental, market momentum and technical analyses. The funds have the flexibility to allocate capital dynamically across a range of global strategies, markets and instruments as opportunities change, and are designed to take advantage of a range of sources of market, economic and pricing data to generate trading ideas. The fund invests in developed markets; they also invest in emerging markets if market conditions present opportunities for attractive returns. The funds pursue global macro directional and relative value strategies. Management fees are charged based o n the AUM of the Fortress Macro Funds at a rate between 1.5%! and 2% a! nnually, depending on the investment and liquidity terms elected by investors. It earns incentive income of between 15% and 25% of the fund’s profits, generally payable annually, depending on the investment and liquidity terms elected by investors. In other words, an incentive income payment establishes a high water mark, such that the fund must earn a cumulative positive return from that point forward in order for Fortress to earn incentive income. Investors in the Fortress Macro Funds may invest with the right to redeem without paying any redemption fee either monthly, quarterly, or annually after three years. Investors with three-year liquidity may redeem annually before three years, subject to an early redemption fee payable to the funds.

The Fortress Asia Macro Funds invest in global fixed income, commodities, currency and equity markets, and their related derivatives, thematically related to the Asia-Pacific region through a fundamental macroeconomic str ategy, which focuses on liquid investments. The funds’ investment program focuses on global trading and capital flows. Management fee rates for these funds range from 1.5% to 2% and it earns incentive income equal to 20% of their profits. Commodities Funds invests across multiple sectors within the commodity asset class ranging from energy to metals to agriculture and within the cyclical, industrial, and commodity equity universe. Management fee rates for these funds range from 1.5% to 2% and it earns incentive income equal to 20% of their profits. The Fortress Partners Fund’s investments are made both in Fortress Funds and in funds managed by other managers, and in direct investments that are sourced either by Fortress personnel or by third parties with whom it has relationships. Management fee rates for these funds range from 1% to 1.5% and it earns incentive income generally equal to 20% of the profits from direct investments only.

Credit Funds

The Company’s credit hedge funds are designed to exploi! t pricing! anomalies, which exist between the public and private finance markets. It has developed a network consisted of internal and external resources to source transactions for the funds. The funds are able to invest in a range of financial instruments, ranging from assets, opportunistic lending situations and securities throughout the capital structure with a value orientation.

The Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds form the core of the Company’s credit hedge fund investing strategy. The funds acquire a portfolio of investments throughout the United States, Western Europe and the Pacific region. Management fees are charged based on the AUM of the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds at a rate generally equal to 2% annually. It earns incentive income of 20% of the fund’s profits, payable annually, and subject to achieving cumulative positive returns since the prior incentive income payment. Investors in the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds may redeem annually on December 31. The Worden Funds invest in a portfolio of undervalued and distressed investments in North America and Western Europe, but also in Australia, Asia and elsewhere on an opportunistic basis. Management fees are charged based on the AUM of the Worden Funds at a rate generally equal to 2% annually. It earns incentive income of 20% of the funds’ profits.

The Company’s credit PE funds are of families of funds. They have management fee rates between 1% and 1.5% and generate incentive income of between 10% and 20% of a fund’s profits subject to the fund achieving a minimum return as a whole. Fortress through Fortress Credit Opportunities Funds make opportunistic credit-related investments. In addition to its Fortress Investment Fund family of funds, it has a private equity fund product, the Long Dated Value family of funds, which focuses on making investments with long dated cash flows. Its Real Assets Funds invest in tangible and intangible assets. The investment program of these funds focuses on di! rect inve! stments in four principal investment categories: real estate, capital assets and natural resources, but also may include indirect investments in the form of interests in real estate investment trusts (REITs), master limited partnerships, corporate securities, debt securities and debt obligations, including those that provide equity upside, as well as options, royalties, residuals and other call rights. The investments are located in North America and Western Europe. Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds focus to invest in Japanese real estate-related performing, sub-performing and non-performing loans, securities and similar instruments. Real Estate Opportunities Funds make opportunistic commercial real estate investments.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Will Ashworth]

    Nonetheless, it’s my job to come up with “cheap” stocks — that is, stocks with a low nominal share price — that are also value plays — meaning they’re trading at a low P/E multiple. I’m limiting my field to stocks trading for less than 10 — it won’t be easy, but here goes.

    Cheap Stocks to Buy: Fortress Investment Group (FIG)

    If you look at the major publicly traded investment managers who invest in private equity — Blackstone Group (BX), KKR (KKR), Apollo Global Management (APO) and Carlyle Group (CG) — you’ll notice that all but Fortress have stock prices in the $20s and $30s. FIG is one of those cheap stocks that’s traded below $10 since September 2008. It went public at $18.50 in February of that year, hitting its all-time high of $37 in its first day of trading. It’s been downhill ever since.

  • [By Dakin Campbell]

    Servicing rights on at least $1 trillion of mortgages will trade in the next two years, Jay Bray, chief executive officer of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. (NSM), a servicer majority owned by Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG), said last month. The private-equity firm said in July it raised a $1.1 billion fund to buy the contracts.

Hot Financial Stocks To Buy Right Now: American Capital Mortgage Investment Corp (MTGE)

American Capital Mortgage Investment Corp., incorporated on March 15, 2011, is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company’s investment objective is to provide risk-adjusted returns to its investors over the long-term through a combination of dividends and capital appreciation. It invests to achieve this objective by selectively constructing and managing a mortgage investment portfolio consisting of asset classes that, when properly financed and hedged, are designed to produce risk adjusted returns across a variety of market conditions and economic cycles. In December 2013, American Capital Mortgage Investment Corp, through its subsidiary acquired Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.

The Company is externally managed and advised by American Capital MTGE Management, LLC. American Capital MTGE Management, LLC is an indirect subsidiary of American Capital, LLC, which is a wholly portfolio company of American Capital, Ltd.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Amanda Alix]

    2. Congress is eyeballing the REIT sector’s special tax status
    The U.S. Congress is currently going over the tax code with a fine-tooth comb looking for loopholes, and the REIT industry’s special tax status is coming under review. Though The Wall Street Journal notes that a change in the law that allows REITs to avoid corporate taxes on income as long as they pay out 90% of earnings isn’t certain, neither is it out of the realm of possibility — possibly making dividends like those paid by American Capital Agency and its hybrid cousin American Capital Mortgage (NASDAQ: MTGE  ) a lot less hefty.

  • [By Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson]

    After an incredible run-up this year, the broader market trend was downward this week, to the tune of 1.6%, but some of the stocks out there were hit particularly hard. In this video, Motley Fool financial analysts Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson take a look at what was behind three big dives this week: National Bank of Greece  (NYSE: NBG  ) , Newcastle Investment  (NYSE: NCT  ) , and American Capital Mortgage Investment  (NASDAQ: MTGE  ) . 

Hot Financial Stocks To Buy Right Now: National Health Partners Inc (NHPR)

National Health Partners, Inc., incorporated on March 10, 1989, is a national healthcare membership organization that was formed to address the need for affordable healthcare nationwide. The Company creates, markets and sells membership programs targeted toward underserved markets in the healthcare industry through a national healthcare savings network called CARExpress. CARExpress is a network of over 1,000,000 participating hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers that have agreed to render their services and products to the Company’s members at discounted prices. CARExpress enables the Company’s members to engage in point-of-service transactions directly with participating healthcare providers and pay discounted prices.

The Company has designed membership programs that range from its traditional health discount programs that provide access to networks of providers that have agreed to provide its members with a reduced rate fo r services, to membership programs that include limited liability insurance benefits. The Company offers two families of CARExpress membership programs to its members, its CARExpress health discount programs, and its CARExpress Plus membership programs.

The Company’s CARExpress health discount programs consists of healthcare, including physicians, hospitals, ancillary services, dentists, prescription drugs, vision care, hearing aids, chiropractic services, alternative care, 24-hour nurseline, medical supplies and equipment, and long-term care facilities, which include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, respite care and home health care. The Company provides its members with access to over 1,000,000 healthcare providers through its agreements with CareMark, Aetna, Optum, Outlook Vision, Integrated Health, Three Rivers, International Med-Care and HealthFi International.

The Company’s CARExpress Plus programs are membership program s consists of the Company’s CARExpress health discount progr! ams and limited liability insurance benefits underwritten by United States.The limited liability insurance benefits included in these programs are accidental death and dismemberment coverage (AD&D), accident medical expense coverage (AME), accident disability coverage, a daily hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) benefit, doctor visit benefits, inpatient/outpatient surgical visit benefits, as well as emergency room and ambulance benefits. With CARExpress Plus, the Company’s health discount programs provide its members with a point of service discount on their healthcare expenses at the time of service. The Company offers three standard CARExpress Plus programs, which include CARExpress Plus Platinum Program, CARExpress Plus Gold Program and CARExpress Plus Silver Program.

The Company competes with Alliance HealthCard, Inc., AmeriPlan, Best Benefits, Careington International, Family Care, Full Access Medical, International Association of Businesses, New Benefit s, Inc. and People’s Benefit Services.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Peter Graham]

    Last Friday, small cap stocks National Health Partners, Inc (OTCMKTS: NHPR) surged 816.7% while Timios National Corp (OTCMKTS: HOMS) and Medical Care Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS: MDCE) sank 32.28% and 25%, respectively. So what will these three small caps do for investors and traders this week? Here is a closer look to help you decide on a trading strategy:

    National Health Partners, Inc (OTCMKTS: NHPR) Surged 816.7% On Friday

    Small cap National Health Partners is a national healthcare savings organization that provides discount healthcare membership programs to uninsured and underinsured people through a national healthcare savings network called “CARExpress.” On Friday, National Health Partners surged 816.7% to $0.044 for a market cap of $107,933 plus NHPR is down 78% over the past year and up 923.3% since June 2012 according to Google Finance.

Hot Financial Stocks To Buy Right Now: MFC Industrial Ltd (MIL)

MFC Industrial Ltd., formerly Terra Nova Royalty Corp., is a global commodity supply chain company that sources and delivers commodities and materials to clients all over the world. The Company is engaged in the financing and risk management aspect of the business. The Company operates in three segments: commodities and resources, which includes its commodities activities and mineral interests; merchant banking, which includes structured solutions, logistics and financial services and investing activities, and other, which encompasses its corporate and other investments and business interests, including its medical supplies and servicing business. In December 2011, the Company acquired Pea Ridge Iron Ore Mine in Missouri, the Unites States of America. In September 2012, its indirect wholly owned subsidiary acquired the remaining interest in Compton Petroleum Corporation. In November, 2012, it acquired 70% interest in Park Ridge, NJ-based ACC Resources Co., L.P. (ACCR) and 60% interest in Mexico City-based Possehl Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Possehl). In April 2013, 0915988 BC Ltd acquired the entire share capital of MFC Industrial Ltd.

Commodities and Resources

The Company’s supply chain business is globally focused and includes its integrated commodities operations and its mineral interests. It conducts such operations primarily through its subsidiaries based in Vienna, Austria and supply various commodities, including minerals and metals, chemicals, plastics and wood products to its customers. Through its global commodity supply chain business, it also provides logistics, supply chain management and other services to producers and consumers of commodities. Its commodities operations include sourcing and supplying commodities. The Company sources its commodities from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, the United States and the Middle East. Its commodities sales include the European, Middle Eastern, Asian and North and Sou th American markets.

Merchant Banking

The Company’s merchant banking operations include merchant banking and financial services, specialized banking, third-party financing and other services, investing and its real property. Its activities include making investments through investing its own capital to capture investment opportunities. The Company focuses on meeting the financial needs of small to mid-sized companies and other business enterprises primarily in Europe and Asia. Its merchant banking business generates revenues in the form of corporate and trade finance service fees and interest income. It also realizes gains from time to time on its investments, upon their sale, the execution of an equity or debt .


Its other segment include its corporate and other investments, It includes financing joint ventures through its Shanghai, China-based subsidiary which provides medical services, equipment and supplies.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Tim Melvin]

    Just last week I went around the world with a stock screener to see if any cheap and appealing stocks appeared. At the top of my international buy list right now is Canada-based MFC Industrial (MIL). MIL has also shown up on my screen for “perfect stocks” since it trades below book value, is profitable and pays a dividend.

  • [By Rich Duprey]

    Global commodity supply chain company MFC Industrial (NYSE: MIL  ) announced yesterday its third-quarter dividend of $0.06 per share, the same rate it’s paid for the past year.

Hot Financial Stocks To Buy Right Now: Swedish Export Credit publ Corp (FUE)

Swedish Export Credit publ Corp (SEK) is a Sweden-based company engaged in the provision of financial solutions for the private and public sectors with the aim of promoting the development and international competitiveness of the Swedish industry and trade. The Company’s business activities are structured into three segments: the Financing segment includes corporate banking, export finance, trade finance, project finance, customer finance, structured products and Cirr-rates; the Advisory segment provides financial advice to International Financial Institutions, governments and corporations, in a range of areas, such as power and energy, utilities, environment, transport, telecoms, and pulp and paper, and the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) segment offers finance services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By John Udovich]

    On Tuesday, lightly traded small cap biodiesel stock Methes Energies International Ltd (NASDAQ: MEIL) soared 53.78% on record production figures, meaning its worth taking a closer look at whether that surge was actually warranted plus look at the performance of potential peers like biodiesel stock Renewable Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ: REGI) and biofuel ETF the ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Index TR ETN (NYSEArca: FUE).