Buy this $85M condo, get a trip to space

A New York condo has gone up for sale with a marketing gimmick that few other properties can match a trip for two to outer space.

Judging from its listing, this is about more than a condo, its a one-price entry into the world of the super-rich.

For a mere $85 million, not only can you pick up a 45th-floor condo with breathtaking New York views, but a yacht, a pair of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a Lamborghini, dinner for two weekly at swanky Restaurant Daniel, a Hamptons summer rental, a chef and butler for a year and, yes, a trip to outer space.

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Its unclear by what means the buyer and a friend will launch into space. The listing doesnt say. But such trips have certainly been offered for sale in the past. A decade ago, Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic, for instance, was selling seats on his planned space plane for $200,000 and later, $250,000. Its yet to carry paying passengers even though the program is active and testing again. Given a 2014 crash, those who plunked down the reservations may now not be a big hurry.


Blue Origin, the private space travel company founded by Jeff Bezos, plans to launch its New Shepard rockets from Cape Canaveral, Florida, as the Internet billionaire builds his dream of tourism outside Earth's atmosphere. Bloomberg

As for the condo, its being offered by a real estate developer, Daniel Neiditch. The condo is in the exclusive Atelier building thats reportedly home to a slew of celebrities. It has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and 15,000 square feet. It takes up the whole 45th floor and part of the 44th.