Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014

By Dee Gill

After years of acting like tech’s biggest fuddy-duddy, Intel Intel has given investors something to get excited about again. And with a modest valuation and a 3.5% dividend yield, Intel shares make an attractive option for long-term value seekers.

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled several imaginative new gadgets Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas tech conference, including a baby monitor with heart rate information and an earpiece with answers a la Apple Apple’s Siri.

The forward thinking apparent in these devices was a refreshing change from Intel, which has spent much of the past five years offering technical advances to smartphone parts in an attempt to recapture missed opportunities in that market.

The smart bowl Krzanich demonstrated Monday—it charges all those phones, iPods and other electronic gadgets one typically deposits at the front door—was a helluva lot more exciting than last year’s announcement of a new processor for cheap smartphones.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: The Advisory Board Company(ABCO)

The Advisory Board Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the provision of best practices research and analysis, business intelligence and software tools, and management and advisory services primarily in the United States. The company offers various programs and services, including best practices research services that focus on identifying best-demonstrated management practices, critiquing widely-followed but ineffective practices, and analyzing emerging trends in the health care and education industries; business intelligence and software tools, which allow members to pair their own operational data with the best practices insights; and management and advisory services programs for assisting member institutions to adopt and implement best practices to enhance performance. As of June 30, 2011, it provided 51 distinct membership programs to hospitals, health systems, colleges, universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health care insurers, medical de vice and supply companies, and other educational institutions. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Seth Jayson]

    Advisory Board (Nasdaq: ABCO  ) is expected to report Q4 earnings on May 9. Here’s what Wall Street wants to see:

    The 10-second takeaway
    Comparing the upcoming quarter to the prior-year quarter, average analyst estimates predict Advisory Board’s revenues will grow 17.4% and EPS will grow 21.7%.

  • [By Jeremy Bowman]

    What: Shares of The Advisory Board Company (NASDAQ: ABCO  ) were up as much as 12% today, after the consulting firm beat top and bottom-line estimates in its quarterly report.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund Inc (TTP)

Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund, Inc. (the Fund) is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund’s investment objective is to provide a high level of total return. It focuses to provide stockholders a vehicle to invest in a portfolio consisting of equity securities of pipeline and other energy infrastructure companies. It focuses on pipeline companies, which are engaged in the business of transporting natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil and refined petroleum products, and on other energy infrastructure companies. It focus invest at least 80% of its total assets in equity securities of pipeline and other energy infrastructure companies. It may invest up to 30% of its total assets in unregistered or otherwise restricted securities, primarily through direct investments in securities of listed companies. Tortoise Capital Advisors, L.L.C. serves as the Fund’s investment adviser. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Robert Rapier]

    As I write this, Tortoise Pipeline and Energy (NYSE: TTP) trades at a discount of 15.1 percent to its underlying assets, while at the other end of the spectrum Cushing MLP Total Return Fund (NYSE: SRV) trades at a 17.4 percent premium. The average MLP closed-end fund listed trades at a 4.9 percent discount, which is perhaps reasonable given the loss of certain tax advantages and the fact that management fees will eat into returns.

  • [By Robert Rapier]

    As I write this, Tortoise Pipeline and Energy (NYSE: TTP) trades at a discount of 15.1 percent to its underlying assets, while at the other end of the spectrum Cushing MLP Total Return Fund (NYSE: SRV) trades at a 17.4 percent premium. The average MLP closed-end fund listed trades at a 4.9 percent discount, which is perhaps reasonable given the loss of certain tax advantages and the fact that management fees will eat into returns.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: Massive Dynamics Inc (MSSD)

Massive Dynamics, Inc., incorporated on March 15, 2011, is a development-stage company. The Company is providing services to communication tower operators. On August 20, 2012, Kylemore Corp. (Kylemore) approximately 90% of the Company. On April 16, 2013, the Company entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Real-View 3D (RV3D). With the Company’s acquisition of the assets of RV3D, the Company is providing engineering and compliance to communications tower operators to three dimension (3D) imaging. RV3D is an image capture product company that has developed and is committed to design, patent, manufacture and market 3D imaging Z-axis capture products for the consumer computer peripherals market.

The Company has developed technology around an imaging technology known as structured light, which allows for the rapid capture and processing of the digital signal capture 3D images of objects or real time 3D video of a desired target. A structured light image is a calibrated grid of lines that is projected on the subject. These projected lines deviate as they fall over the subject. An image of these lines is captured. Real View 3D software can extract Z-axis data from these line deviations and a topographical map is created. To image a complete subject, the subject is rotated 360 degrees for the image and then another 360 degree rotation for capturing the structured light for the Z axis map information. The resulting Z axis map and the image are then fused into a 360 degree renderable image. This image can then be exported into many other formats for viewing. The Company’s primary business will be to develop and market 3D scanning, capture, rendering, and printing products to four markets: consumer, commercial, industrial, and medical.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Rich Smith]

    The problem with that, of course, is that competition is beginning to emerge in machine selling, as small companies with names such as ExOne (NASDAQ: XONE  ) and Massive Dynamics (NASDAQOTH: MSSD  ) begin to horn in on the printer biz. Competition will probably arise even faster in the selling of printing composites, as Hewlett-Packard discovered to its detriment, when printer ink cartridge “refillers” began stealing away its lucrative ink business.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: Mesabi Trust (MSB)

Mesabi Trust operates as a royalty trust in the United States. The company produces iron ore pellets. It holds interest in the Peter Mitchell mine located in the Mesabi Iron Range near Babbitt, Minnesota. The company holds various agreements with the Northshore Mining Company that mines iron ore, which is in the form of taconite, crushes it, separates the iron particles from the non-metallic, and forms the resulting concentrate into pellets that are shipped for use in steel-producing blast furnaces of customers of CCI, a mining company that produces iron pellets in North America. Mesabi Trust was founded in 1919 and is based in New York, New York.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Selena Maranjian]

    Patience, Grasshopper
    For starters, imagine that you invested in Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB  ) about a year ago and you’re down some 20% on your investment. Your holding might be looking to you like an answer to the question, “What is investment panic, Alex?” But don’t be so hasty. Ask yourself why you bought it. Mesabi Trust is a royalty trust that receives and then pays out to shareholders a portion of the proceeds from iron mined by a Cliffs Natural Resources subsidiary. Some might avoid it because royalty trusts often have expiration dates, but it’s worth noting that Mesabi’s is rather far away. But slowdown in demand for ore is a concern, one that has been an issue for Cliffs, too.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: CVB Financial Corp (CVBF)

CVB Financial Corp. (CVB), incorporated on April 27, 1981, is a bank holding company of Citizens Business Bank (the Bank). The Company’s primary operations are related to banking activities, including the acceptance of deposits and the lending and investing of money through the operations of the Bank. The Bank also provides automobile and equipment leasing to customers through its Citizens Financial Services Group and trust and investment-related services to customers through its CitizensTrust Division. The Bank’s customers consist primarily of small to mid-sized businesses and individuals located in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Madera County, Fresno County, Tulare County, Kern County and San Joaquin County, California. As of December 31, 2012, the Bank operated 42 Business Financial Centers, five Commercial Banking Centers, and two trust office locations with its headquarters located in the city of Ontario. It operates in two segments: Business Financial and Commercial Banking Centers (Centers) and Treasury.

Lending Activities

The Bank provides lending products, such as commercial, agribusiness, consumer, real estate loans and equipment and vehicle leasing. Commercial products include lines of credit and other working capital financing, accounts receivable lending and letters of credit. Agribusiness products are loans to finance the operating needs of wholesale dairy farm operations, cattle feeders, livestock raisers, and farmers. It provides lease financing for municipal governments. Financing products for consumers include automobile leasing and financing, lines of credit, and home improvement and home equity lines of credit. Real estate loans include mortgage and construction loans. The Bank also offers a range of specialized services designed for the needs of its commercial accounts. These services include cash management systems for monitoring cash flow, a cre dit card program for merchants, courier pick-up and delivery! , payroll services, remote deposit capture, electronic funds transfers by way of domestic and international wires and automated clearinghouse, and online account access. The Bank makes available investment products to customers, including mutual funds, an array of fixed income vehicles and a program to diversify our customers’ funds in federally insured time certificates of deposit of other institutions. It offers a range of financial services and trust services through its CitizensTrust division. These services include fiduciary services, mutual funds, annuities, 401(k) plans and individual investment accounts.

Investment Activities

The Company maintains a portfolio of investment securities to provide interest income and to serve as a source of liquidity for its ongoing operations. The composition of the investment portfolio as of December 31, 2012, consisted of the Government agency, residential mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds and o ther securities. Investment securities totaled $2.45 billion at December 31, 2012. Approximately $1.46 billion, or 60%, of the total investment portfolio at December 31, 2012 consisted of securities backed by mortgages.

Sources of Fund

The primary source of funds to support earning assets (loans and investments) is the generation of deposits. CVB offers a range of deposit instruments, which include checking, savings, money market and time certificates of deposit for both business and personal accounts. It also serves as a federal tax depository for its business customers. Total deposits were $4.77 billion at December 31, 2012.. The Company’s deposits include non-interest bearing deposits, such as demand deposits, and interest bearing deposits, such as investment checking, money market, savings and time deposits. At December 31, 2012, borrowed funds totaled $698.2 million. At December 31, 2012, noninterest bearing deposits were 50.71% of total deposits. As of December 31, 2012, its borrowings included $198.9 mill! ion in te! rm federal home loan bank (FHLB) advances, $473.2 million of repurchase agreements, and $26.0 million of other overnight borrowings.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Rich Duprey]

    Citizens Business Bank holding company CVB Financial (NASDAQ: CVBF  ) announced yesterday its second-quarter dividend of $0.10 per share, an 18% increase over the payout it made last quarter of $0.085 per share. This is the first increase in the dividend since 2007.

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: Shanda Games Ltd (GAME)

Shanda Games Limited (Shanda Games), incorporated on June 12, 2008, is engaged in the development and operation of online games and related businesses in the People’s Republic of China. Some of its online games are also Web games, which the Company categorizes as either massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) or advanced casual games, rather than as a separate category of online games. As of February 29, 2012, Shanda Games operated 35 online games. Its game player base, which consisted of 20.4 million average monthly active users and 4.5 million average monthly paying users for the three-month period ended December 31, 2011. In April 2011, the Company acquired a 51.85% interest in a game operating company, which provides services in East Asia.

As of December 31, 2011, the Company owned 149 software copyrights. As of December 31, 2011, it owned or licensed 53 trademarks. As of December 31, 2011, it owned or licensed 329 registered domain nam es, including its official Website and domain names registered in connection with each of the games the Company offers. As of December 31, 2011, it had 17 patent applications pending with the State Intellectual Property Office of China. The Company operates MMORPGs, advanced casual games and Web games in China. Its MMORPGs are action adventure-based and draw upon themes, such as martial arts adventure, fantasy, strategy and historical events. The Company develops and sources an array of game content through multiple channels, including in-house development, licensing, investment and acquisition, and joint operation. Through these channels, it has built a diversified game portfolio and a game pipeline.

The Company licenses games from international and domestic developers. As of February 29, 2012, 13 of its 35 online games were licensed from third-party developers, including Mir II. It invests in independent game development and operating studios identified by 18 Capital. The Company acquire intellectual property rights t! o online games; equity rights in online game development and operating studios, or an option to acquire equity interests in online game development and operating studios in the future.

The Company operates its business in People’s Republic of China, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, which consist of Shengqu Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shengqu), Shengji Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shengji), Lansha Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Lansha) and Kuyin Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Kuyin); its variable interest entities and their subsidiaries (VIEs), which consist of Shanghai Hongli Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Hongli) and Shanghai Shulong Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Shulong) and their wholly owned subsidiaries, Shanghai Shulong Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (Shulong Computer), Nanjing Shulong Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Shulong), Chengdu Youji Technology Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Youji), Tianjin Youji Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Youji), Chengdu Aurora Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Aurora), and Chengdu Simo Technology Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Simo).

The Company competes with Tencent Holdings Limited,, Limited, Perfect World Co., Ltd., Giant Interactive, Kingsoft Corporation Limited, KongZhong Corporation, NetDragon Websoft Inc., Nineyou International Limited, The9 Limited, Activision Blizzard, Inc., Electronic Arts Inc., Zynga Inc., NCSoft Corporation, and Nexon Corporation.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By James E. Brumley]

    In a perfect world, Oasis Petroleum Inc. (NYSE:OAS) and Shanda Games Limited (NASDAQ:GAME) would always reflect the true underlying value of their respective companies. In reality, GAME and OAS are both well-watched, and frequently-traded, stocks that can take on a life of their own, reflecting ever-changing opinions of the companies rather than the companies’ actual value. There’s an upside to that disconnect, however – knowing each chart may or may not reflect the actual value of Shanda Games Limited and Oasis Petroleum means you can take the clues given to us by their chart. After all, since charts are just a reflection of public opinion, and since public opinion is actually rather predictable, the way things appear to be – visually – may actually be the way things are. And in this case, the way things are with OAS happens to be a polar opposite with the way things are with GAME.

  • [By Eric Volkman]

    Shanda Games  (NASDAQ: GAME  ) saw a decline in bottom line for its Q3, but still beat analyst estimates. The China-based company posted revenue of 1.12 billion yuan ($183 million), modestly higher than the 1.09 billion yuan ($178 million) in the same period the previous year. Attributable net income came in at just under 399 million yuan ($65 million; $0.24 per diluted American depositary share), compared with Q3 2012’s 405 million yuan ($66 million; $0.24).

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2014: TechnoConcepts Inc (TCPS)

TechnoConcepts, Inc. (TCI), incorporated in May 2003, is in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing wireless communications semiconductors. The Company has begun manufacturing wireless transmitter and receiver microchips, based on its technology, and produced its engineering run in August 2006. The technology, which TCI calls True Software Radio, is designed to improve the way that wireless signals are received and transmitted, by making possible device-to-device communication across otherwise incompatible networks and wireless standards. On October 17, 2005, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Asante Acquisition Corp. completed reorganization with RegalTech Inc. RegalTech’s name was changed to Asante Networks Inc. (Asante).

In December 2005, the Company formed Jinshilin Techno Ltd. (Jinshilin Techno) as its wholly owned subsidiary based in Shanghai, China. The Company organized Jinshilin Techno to provide marketing, sa les and technical support for True Software Radio technology in China. On April 21, 2006, Jinshilin Techno acquired Internet television (IPTV) set-top box (STB) technology through license agreements with Jinshilin Technologies Development Company Ltd. (Jinshilin). Jinshilin Techno offers an IPTV set-top box that features voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), capability and can receive Internet protocol (IP) data transmissions through the household electrical power grid.

Asante Networks Inc. provides Ethernet networking solutions for Apple Computer and the small-to-medium business retail markets, offering the IntraCore and FriendlyNET product families, integrating voice, data, and video over wireless and wired networks with unified management and authentication. In April 2006, Asante announced the release of 2-chip switch solution, the IntraCore 38480. The IntraCore 38480 provides no frame loss and full-wire speed with minimized latency. With 96-gigabit switching fabric, the IntraCore 38480 supports full-wire speed on all ! ports. It has advanced traffic control based on L2-L7 data of incoming frames.

The Company’s True Software Radio technology makes possible for wireless transmitters and receivers, as well as the radio signal processing, to be fully controlled and reconfigured by software commands across a range of frequencies and frequency bands. Its True Software Radio technology is a delta-sigma microchip architecture that converts radio frequency signals directly into digital data for the wireless receiver and directly from digital data into radio signals for the wireless transmitter. True Software Radio microchips replace the analog front end, intermediate frequency (I/F) processing, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), and digital filtering sections of conventional wireless transmitters and receivers.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Peter Graham]

    Small cap tech stocks TechnoConcepts, Inc (OTCMKTS: TCPS), Unisource Corporation (OTCMKTS: USRC) and Strategic Global Investments, Inc (OTCMKTS: STBV) have been getting some attention lately in various investment newsletters thanks to promotions. Of course, there is nothing wrong with properly disclosed promotions, but they can backfire on the unwary as its really up to investors or traders alike to do their own due diligence before investing or trading. With that in mind, here is a quick reality check about three small cap tech stocks getting a bit of attention lately:

    TechnoConcepts, Inc (OTCMKTS: TCPS) Has the Yield Sign Replaced on Its OTC Page

    Small cap TechnoConcepts is a wireless technology company currently holding patents and other intellectual property. On Friday, TechnoConcepts fell 0.45% to $15.58 for a market cap of $415.28 million plus TCPC is up 1.1% over the past year and up 6% since April 2012 according to Google Finance.