5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014

Today I want to give you two of the best investments in energy security – one of the most important new opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Energy security stems from the accelerating need to protect the production, transport, and distribution of our newfound wealth in oil and gas.

This point was hammered home on Jan. 15 with the release of Oil Security 2025: U.S. National Security Policy in an Era of Domestic Oil Abundance.

The 108-page report is the inaugural effort of the Commission on Energy and Geopolitics. Admiral Dennis Blair, former Director of National Intelligence and Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command, and General Michael W. Hagee, 33rd Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, served as co-chairs.

The report reflects matters I have discussed before: the rise of security issues surrounding new domestic oil finds, increasing geopolitical tensions, and the changes in the energy balance, both from a supply and a demand perspective.

5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014: Lonestar Resources Ltd (LNR)

Lonestar Resources Limited is an Australia-based independent oil and gas company involved in exploration, production, and acquisition of oil and gas reserves in the United States. The Company’s operations are focused onshore with primary activity in the Fort Worth Basin (Barnett Shale), Eagle Ford Shale, and the Williston Basin in Montana. The Company is active in sourcing other assets in producing areas. The Company’s Eagle Ford Shale portfolio comprises three separate assets: Beall Ranch, Asherton and Gonzo. The Company’s operations in the Williston Basin are focused on the Roosevelt County, Montana. The Company owns and operates a single lease in the Barnett Shale, a gas producing basin in North Texas. On January 2, 2013, the Company acquired Ecofin Energy Resources plc. In August 2013, the Company announced that it has sold its producing assets outside the state of Texas for its Louisiana assets and for its Oklahoma assets. Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Eric Lam]

    Linamar Corp. (LNR) soared 14 percent to a record C$40.72 for the biggest gain in the S&P/TSX. The Guelph, Ontario-based auto parts maker reported third-quarter adjusted profit of 80 Canadian cents a share, topping analysts’ projections for 66 cents.

5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014: UniPixel Inc (UNXL)

Uni-Pixel, Inc. (Uni-Pixel), incorporated on October 13, 2000, is a production-stage company delivering its Performance Engineered Film (PEF) to the display, touch screen and flexible electronics markets. The Company has developed thin film high volume roll to roll or continuous flow manufacturing process. The Company sells its films as sub-components for use in liquid crystal display (LCD) as a back light film and active film sub-component. Uni-Pixel is shipping its Diamond Guard Finger Print Resistant and Hard Coat (Anti-Scratch) protective cover films for multiple touch enabled devices. The Company sells its films under the Diamond Guard brand as well as private label to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It is making ITO-Less Touch Films and Flexible Electronic Films based on its UniBoss manufacturing process for high volume roll to roll printing of flexible thin-film conductor patterns.

The Company’s Diamond Guard FPR product can protect a touch s creen device from damage while also preventing fingerprints and smudges from obscuring the viewing experience. Its Diamond Guard Anti-Scratch protective cover film product is used to protect touch screen devices from scratches while providing a transparency and gloss equivalent to glass. In other embodiments, the Company’s Diamond Guard coating can be applied to substrates that can be used as the first surface of hand held electronic devices. The Company developed a color display technology called Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter (TMOS).

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Lauren Pollock]

    Shares of touch-sensor technology maker Uni-Pixel Inc.(UNXL) slid after the company disclosed in a Securities & Exchange Commission filing that the agency is inquiring about the company’s business deals. The SEC has looked into the company’s agreements related to its InTouch Sensors, though Uni-Pixel said the inquiry shouldn’t be viewed as an indication that any violations of law have occurred. Shares tumbled 18% to $11.50 premarket.

  • [By Rich Duprey]

    To take advantage of an industry the companies expect to more than double over the next five years, UniPixel (NASDAQ: UNXL  ) and Eastman Kodak (NASDAQOTH: EKDKQ  ) have entered into a manufacturing and supply chain agreement to produce touchscreen sensors for the touch module market.

5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014: Infoblox Inc (BLOX)

Infoblox Inc. (Infoblox), incorporated in May 2003, is an automated network controller. The Company’s network functions include Internet protocol (IP) address management, device configuration, compliance, network discovery, policy implementation, security and monitoring. The Company’s appliance-based solution combines real-time IP address management with the automation of key network control and network change and configuration management processes in purpose-built physical and virtual appliances. It is based on its software that is scalable and automates vital network functions, such as IP address management, device configuration, compliance, network discovery, policy implementation, security and monitoring. It offers two families of products: Trinzic Enterprise and Trinzic NetMRI. The Trinzic Enterprise product family enables real-time IP address management and automates key network control processes. The Trinzic NetMRI product family automates network change and con figuration management processes.

Trinzic Enterprise Family

The Company derives its product revenue from its Trinzic Enterprise family of products. The components of its Trinzic Enterprise family, are Trinzic Enterprise, Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft, Trinzic Reporting and Trinzic IPAM Insight. Its Trinzic Enterprise product is an appliance that is designed to for continuous operation of network control. Trinzic Enterprise offers file delivery services via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), time synchronization services via the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Logging services via Syslog.

Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft provides a single, Web-based management interface for the centralized management of DNS, DHCP and multiple IP address pools running on Microsoft servers without any installation of software on Microsoft servers. It also provides Microsoft server manage ment capabilities, such as centralized IP address management! , DNS changes and individualized, role-based access control. Trinzic Reporting provides long-term reporting, trending, analysis and tracking capabilities to report network utilization, isolate performance problems, implement DHCP and DNS capacity planning and identify security threats. Trinzic Reporting automates tasks associated with collecting, tabulating and correlating data and displays the information through its Web-based management interface. Trinzic IPAM Insight allows automated discovery of network device configuration information used in automation and compliance reporting.

Trinzic NetMRI Family

The Company’s Trinzic NetMRI products components of include Trinzic Network Automation, Trinzic Network Compliance, Trinzic Switch Port Manager and Trinzic PCI Insight. Its Trinzic NetMRI product automates network change and configuration management processes. Trinzic NetMRI enables information technology organizations to automate network chang es, gain visibility into the impact of changes occurring on the network, manage network configurations, archive network configurations and meet a range of compliance requirements for both physical and virtual machines. Trinzic NetMRI discovers and monitors network infrastructure devices to determine critical network information. It uses this information to analyze network stability, to identify unauthorized devices and to take inventory of network devices for inventory management and/or troubleshooting. Trinzic Network Automation automates network configuration functions.

Trinzic Network Compliance automates the network compliance process, meeting corporate security requirements and providing the necessary information and control for internal and external compliance mandates. Trinzic Network Compliance also automatically alerts IT personnel in the event of a failure to meet compliance guidelines and permits the establishment and deployment of specific end custo mer requirements with click and drag simplicity, supporting ! complianc! e mandates such as those under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Trinzic Switch Port Manager enables its end customers to identify the number of switch ports, manage them precisely and locate the next available switch port. It helps provide views and management of switches with both current and historical IP addresses, MAC addresses, VLAN mappings and network device topology information. It also shows where devices have been connected, when they connected and where they are currently connected so that the network administrator can easily track authorized devices and find rogue devices that can pose security risks and create network instability. Trinzic PCI Insight is an integrated offering that bundles Trinzic Network Compliance, Trinzic I PAM Insight from its Trinzic Enterprise family of products and consulting services and enables its end customers to optimize their PCI DSS compliance.

The Company competes with BMC Software, Inc., EMC Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company and International Business Machines Corporation, Alcatel-Lucent, BT Group plc and BlueCat Networks, Inc.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Jake L’Ecuyer]

    Equities Trading DOWN
    Shares of Infoblox (NYSE: BLOX) were down 47.01 percent to $17.59 after the company lowered its FY14 revenue forecast. Wedbush downgraded the stock from Outperform to Neutral and cut the price target from $36.00 to $25.00.

  • [By John Udovich]

    Just before Thanksgiving, small cap networking stock Infoblox Inc (NYSE: BLOX) sank 28.65% on guidance that was below expectations, but the stock has still outperformed the year-to-date performance of networking ETF like the PowerShares Dynamic Networking ETF (NYSEARCA: PXQ) and iShares S&P North American Networking ETF (NYSEARCA: IGN). So what went wrong and could investors have just overeacted?

  • [By Lauren Pollock]

    Among the companies with shares expected to actively trade in Wednesday’s session are Hewlett-Packard Co.(HPQ), Infoblox Inc.(BLOX), and Tilly’s Inc.(TLYS)

5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014: Syneron Medical Ltd. (ELOS)

Syneron Medical Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the research, manufacture, development, marketing, and sale of aesthetic medical products worldwide. The company develops products based on its proprietary Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS) technology, which uses the synergy between electrical energy and optical energy to provide aesthetic medical treatments. Its products target a range of non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures, including hair removal, wrinkle reduction, rejuvenation of the skin’s appearance through the treatment of superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, acne treatment, treatment of leg veins, treatment for the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and thigh circumference, ablation and resurfacing of the skin, laser-assisted lipolysis, and topical skin brightening products. It also develops, manufactures, and markets non-invasive technologies for fat cell destruction and body sculpting; and Viador system, a handheld device with a radiofrequency-needle array for use in transdermal delivery of biologic drug-products via a system-specific skin patch. The company sells its products to dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, other qualified practitioners, and aestheticians and medical spas through direct sales force and distributors; and to home-use consumers directly, as well as through retailers and a chain of distributors. Syneron Medical Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Yokneam Illit, Israel.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Eric Volkman]

    Syneron Medical (NASDAQ: ELOS  ) has put a familiar person on its CEO throne. The company named Shimon Eckhouse as its new chief executive, effective immediately. He succeeds Louis Scafuri, who will “remain available” to the firm through the current quarter to aid in the transition.

  • [By Seth Jayson]

    Syneron Medical (Nasdaq: ELOS  ) reported earnings on May 22. Here are the numbers you need to know.

    The 10-second takeaway
    For the quarter ended March 31 (Q1), Syneron Medical met expectations on revenues and met expectations on earnings per share.

5 Best Forestry Stocks To Invest In 2014: Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc (IVR)

Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc., incorporated in June 2008, is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is primarily focused on investing in, financing and managing residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and mortgage loans, which it collectively refers to as its target assets. The Company’s target assets consist of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) for which the United States Government agency, such as the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) or a federally chartered corporation, such as the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) guarantees payments of principal and interest on the securities. It refers to these securities as Agency RMBS. Its Agency RMBS investments include mortgage pass-through securities and may include collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). It also invests in RMBS that are not issued or guaranteed by the United States Govern ment agency (non-Agency RMBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and residential and commercial mortgage loans.

The Company finances its Agency RMBS, non-Agency RMBS and CMBS investments through short-term borrowings structured as repurchase agreements. The Company’s manager is Invesco Advisors Inc. The Company also finances its investments in certain non-Agency RMBS, CMBS and residential and commercial mortgage loans by contributing capital to the Invesco Mortgage Recovery Feeder Fund (Invesco IMRF Fund) that invests in public-private investment funds (PPIF) managed by the Company’s manager. The Company’s manager is a wholly owned subsidiary of Invesco Ltd.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Amanda Alix]

    All mREITs are taking it on the chin
    The agency crew, led by heavy hitters Annaly Capital (NYSE: NLY  ) , American Capital Agency (NASDAQ: AGNC  ) , and Armour Residential (NYSE: ARR  ) , have all been close to hitting 52-week lows, but the blood-letting hasn’t stopped there. Even hybrid mortgage REITs, which also buy some non-agency paper, have plunged, as well. Two Harbors (NYSE: TWO  ) , which enjoyed such a nice lift post-earnings about a month ago, recently sunk to new lows, and Invesco Mortgage Capital (NYSE: IVR  ) has also slipped, even after its CIO’s recent show of faith, making a sizable insider purchase of stock less than two weeks ago.

  • [By Amanda Alix]

    Analysts at odds over mREITs
    Financial analysts have been busy noting the underperformance of mREITs lately, especially since the Fed dropped the QE3 taper bombshell almost two weeks ago — immediately igniting fears of rising interest rates, which would decrease the value of the trusts’ legacy assets, thus dinging book values. The pain hasn’t been limited to the stocks mentioned above,  as CYS Investments (NYSE: CYS  ) , and even hybrids like Invesco (NYSE: IVR  ) , have been on a roller-coaster ride ever since.