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Want big returns? Take on big risks. So goes the inescapable calculus of investing. With so many investors focused on safety and income these days, we decided to take a contrarian approach by looking for risky companies that have the potential to deliver big payoffs.

Weve identified eight risky stocks that we believe are worth the risk. Several of these companies, we feel, have the potential....More>>>

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Note: Unless otherwise specified, all figures are in Canadian dollars.

AltaGas (OTCPK:ATGFF) recently announced that it’s going to acquire WGL Holdings (NYSE:WGL). This article will examine the financial side of the transaction. A number of Seeking Alpha authors have written articles on the merger as well, and I suggest that you read them.

Before I begin, let me tell you my story....More>>>

Top 10 Tech Stocks To Own Right Now

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After OPEC had decided that it will be slashing its output next year, oil prices have rallied remarkably of late. Brent crude is already trading at $55 per barrel, and it is likely that the price will exceed $60 per barrel next year on the back of the production cuts. This is great news for BP (NYSE:BP) investors as the company has reduced its costs in the upstream segment impressively over the....More>>>

QUALCOMM, Inc (QCOM) Stock: A Value Play Or A Value Trap?

AreQUALCOMM, Inc.’s legal risks priced in already? Is this the best time to go long on QCOM stock?

Shares of San Diego, California-basedQualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) are still down around 18% since the bad news of FTC anti-trust charges came out. This was followed by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) suing the world’s largest smartphone chipmaker for $1B over withholding “rebate”....More>>>

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SAN FRANCISCO The Amazon Go grocery store, now in the testing stage in Seattle, sounds like a dream come true for holiday shoppers waiting in long lines.

The underlying technology seems to be routed interra firma, however, a mix of cameras, microphones and the massive servers that Amazon uses to run its cloud computing service and power digital assistant Alexa.

The concept promises....More>>>

After Bitcoin Dropped 10%, How Likely Is An ETF Now?

As Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss’s almost four-year-long pursuit to offer a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund or ETF nears its final deadline on March 11, developments in bitcoin continue to shift the calculus for tea-leaf readers.

On Thursday, bitcoin shed 10% of its price as two of the biggest Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges put a hold on withdrawals after the People’s Bank....More>>>

Microcap Scynexis’ Antifungal Treatments Have Outsized Potential

Shares of Scynexis (NASDAQ:SCYX) are down over 40% in the past year, although it appears the bottom might be in around the $3 mark.

SCYX data by YCharts

The company is focused on developing lead asset SCY-078, a triterpene glucan synthase inhibitor that is the first of a new class of anti-fungal treatments. It has the added convenience of being administered by IV....More>>>

Top Canadian Stocks To Buy For 2017

Please note that due to the higher liquidity of Tio Networks on the TSX exchange via the ticker TNC.V, all amounts in this article are in Canadian dollars. This is consistent with its reporting currency.

In the course of my investing career, I have learned it is worthwhile to go back and revisit the thesis on an investment to ensure it remains valid, whether or not its share value is up or....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now

The Q3 2016 earnings report for small cap camera stock and new media company GoPro Inc (NASDAQ: GPRO) is scheduled for after the market closes onThursday (November 3rd). Weve had GoPro Inc in our SmallCap Network Elite Opportunity (SCN EO) portfolioin the past when it was still outperforming whilelater on we suggested ashort-term short position in thestock. In addition, weve had positions in semiconductor....More>>>

Drive Shack: Business Transformation Has Low Near-Term Risk And High Long-Term Potential

Drive Shack (NYSE:DS) shares have been under pressure since the company’s December announcement of its business transformation (see press release, conference call, and investor presentation). Key points:

Wind down of remaining debt investments

Conversion from a REIT to an ordinary corporation and likely cessation of dividend payments.

Future focus on development....More>>>

Top Stocks For 2017

You may already know that mutual funds are vehicles that invest pools of cash contributed by investors who purchase shares of the fund. What you may not know, and what your financial adviser may never have taken the time to explain to you, are some of the fundamental aspects of a mutual fund that help to define it and differentiate it from its competitors.

See Also: Kiplinger’s Mutual....More>>>

Top 5 Energy Stocks To Own For 2017

Barclays released its first-quarter earnings preview for oil majors like Chevron (CVX), ExxonMobil (XOM), Suncor Energy (SU) andConocoPhillips (COP), and the surprise is that they see when they list the “Biggest Potential 1Q16 Upside Surprise” they follow it with a single word: “None.” Barclays analyst Paul Cheng and team explain why:

Citizens of the Planet/Education....More>>>

Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Could Gain Big From Instagram’s Growing Engagement

Reports suggest that Instagram is hurting its competitors big time. With growing engagement, Instagram is set to drive FB stock higher.

Instagram, owned by Menlo Park, California-basedFacebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)looks set to become the next big driver for thesocial media giant. Recent reports suggest that Instagram is hurting competitors like Snapchat big time. Analysts estimate....More>>>

Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now

Whats Next for DOL Fiduciary Rule

What the Biggest BDs Are Saying About Trump’s Fiduciary Order

Sen. Warren: Fiduciary Rule Delay Would Hurt Financial Services Firms

The House Financial Services Committee will zero in this Congress on Dodd-Frank Act implementation, with a likely rollback of the law with the reintroduction this week of Rep. Jeb Hensarling’s Financial....More>>>