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Nintendo: Game Over

Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) is such a strange and unique company. It features great brands, but lacks on execution of products – preferring to sell gimmicks rather than push the hardware like competitors Sony (NYSE:SNE) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). This, of course, limits the company’s total market to casual gamers. It excludes the hardcore gamers, and in turn dissuades developers....more>>>

wall street stock market

"They're going broke, boys. Their stock is going to flatline. And I'm going to make a killing when it does."   In his book Dead Companies Walking, successful money manager Scott Fearon recalls the above comment from Gary Smith some 25 years ago as being a "seminal" event for his career.   It was a conversation that set Fearon on an unexpected new course. In....more>>>

Disney Stock: Should You Buy Walt Disney Co (DIS) Stock Going Into 2017?

Walt Disney Will Survive, The ESPN Problem is Overblown

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) stock has been one of the more notable laggards this year, trailing the Consumer Discret Sel Sect SPDR ETF (NYSEMKT:XLY) and the broader market by a wide margin of more than 10-percentage points. DIS stock has a YTD return of -4.87% compared to a gain of 5.33% by XLY and 7.87% by the S&P 500, respectively.....more>>>

Hot High Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now

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Top China Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Stocks fell hard today, pushing the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite into the red for the week.


The S&P 500 fell 0.2% to 2,096.07 this week after falling 0.9% today, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.3% to 17,865.34 this week after declined 119.85 points, or 0.7%, today. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 1% this week after sliding 1.3% to 4,894.55 today.


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Stocks are heading higher today after European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi called for coordinated central bank action to stabilize global markets in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Bloomberg News

S&P 500 futures have gained 1.2%, while Dow Jones Industrial Average futures have risen 1.2%. Nasdaq Composite futures have advanced 1.2%.

Allergan (AGN) has climbed 2%....more>>>

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(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Has the iPhone 7 caught your eye? Are you “due for an upgrade?”

Two words of advice: Buyer beware.

That “upgrade” is actually a powerful psychological sales tool that could prevent you from comparison shopping – or contemplating whether you need a new device. Even if you think you’re a prudent shopper who carefully....more>>>

Top 5 Bank Stocks To Own For 2017

Elizabeth received a strange letter from her congressman.   "We have to be on guard against our enemies… and not be afraid to name them."   A brave, forthright stand?   But wait, he didn't name the enemies.   That left us wondering: Who are our enemies?   Muslims, Jews, Arabs… Russians, Iranians, North Koreans… capitalists, the "Deep....more>>>

Liberty Global Group Rides Again

In this article we’re going to take a look at the big waves Malone the “Cable Cowboy” & Co. are making through the largest cable company outside of the U.S.A.: Liberty Global Group (LBTYA, LBTYB, LBTYK, LILA, LILAK).

Don’t worry, I’ll explain why this company has nearly half a dozen tickers after a brief overview of the unusual leader at the helm of this....more>>>

Hot Oil Stocks To Watch Right Now

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The huge surplus of oil that’s been sloshing through global markets is set to evaporate.

The International Energy Agency said Tuesday that it expects the global crude oil glut to start disappearing in the first half of next year, much earlier than it previously predicted.

There is one major condition: OPEC and its partners must stick to their agreement to slash production.....more>>>

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Autostrada: Fourth-Largest Toll Road Operator Trading At A 30% Discount

The company

Autostrada Torino-Milano SPA ADR (OTC:ADARY) is an industrial holding company that primarily manages motorways, including engineering and construction.

The company now is called ASTM and trades in the Italian market under the ticker symbol AT.MI. Autostrada was founded on 28 November 1928 by Giovanni Agnelli for the purpose of linking the Turin with Milan.


Top 10 Warren Buffett Stocks To Watch For 2017

DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) — Short-sellers hate being caught short a stock that reports a blowout quarter. When this happens, we often see a tradable short squeeze develop as the bears rush to cover their positions to avoid big losses. Even the best short-sellers know that it’s never a great idea to stay short once a bullish earnings report sparks a big short-covering rally.


Checking Out Simple Year-End Retirement Planning Opportunities


With the end of the year approaching, there is still time left to consider retirement planning opportunities.  Below are some simple, but potentially financially rewarding, retirement planning ideas to think about:

IRA Contributions: For 2016, the maximum IRA contribution is $5500 or $6500 if over the age of 50, and will remain the same for 2017. The deadline is....more>>>