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Best Electric Utility Companies To Own In Right Now

Tidewater (NYSE: TDW  ) results for Q4 and fiscal 2013 have been released. For the quarter, revenues totaled $328 million, up from the $289 million in the same period the previous year. Net profit was significantly higher, at $46.6 million ($0.95 per diluted share) from Q4 2012’s $33.6 million ($0.66).  

For the most recent quarter, analysts had expected revenue of $318....More>>>

Top 10 Trucking Stocks To Invest In Right Now

A seed planted early will bear a fruit in time. The same principle applies to children. As teenagers or sometimes even as young adults children often tend to behave as if money grows on trees. As parents, the earlier you create financial awareness among your children, the lesser mistakes they will make as they grow up.

The following points may be kept in mind while teaching your child about....More>>>

Best Cheapest Stocks For 2016

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Markets have plenty to chew on today, with the ADP and GDP reports already out and the Fed announcement later this afternoon. The picture emerging from this morning’s data is broadly positive, likely indicating that even though the Fed may not show its hand on the ‘Taper’ issue this afternoon, they are nevertheless moving in that direction.


Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own Right Now

In an early morning keynote address Thursday, Vanguard Chief Economist Joe Davis suggested that the “biggest issue of our lifetime” is how the country deals with the persistent imbalance between our spending and our revenue, an imbalance that he suggested will not get any better for a very long time absent any tax reform.

In an interview after his presentation at Morningstar’s....More>>>

Top 5 Airline Companies To Buy For 2016

“Why investment goal is important to build a good portfolio” – we had written in May 2013 ( ).

In the article we had mentioned the perils of not setting the goals and focusing on what is beyond one’s control. However, what we mentioned in the last line....More>>>

Top Sliver Stocks To Own For 2016

Barring a last-minute breakthrough that would have to be based on a face-losing capitulation by one of the interested factions, as of midnight Oct. 1 the US federal government will go into hibernation.

And in a little more than two weeks the US government will once again push up against the statutory limit on federal borrowing.

In isolation an increasingly likely government shutdown....More>>>

Top 5 Long Term Stocks To Buy Right Now

When it comes right down to it, nothing is more American than the desire to achieve and to profit. In fact, buying great American companies has been a winning strategy of mine over the years. The key is to buy the right ones at the right time.

With that in mind, I thought I would take a look at some great American companies and see how they stack up in today's market.

Home Depot....More>>>

Top 10 Mid Cap Stocks To Buy Right Now

DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) — Professional traders running mutual funds and hedge funds don’t just look at a stock’s price moves; they also track big changes in volume activity. Often when above-average volume moves into an equity, it precedes a large spike in volatility.

>>3 Big Stocks on Traders’ Radars

Major moves in volume can signal unusual activity,....More>>>

Best Building Product Stocks To Watch For 2016

Before Tuesday’s opening bell, a number of big name dividend stocks were the subject of analyst moves. Below, we highlight the important analyst commentary for investors.

Morgan Stanley Upgrades BB&T to “Overweight”
BB&T Corporation (BBT) has been upgraded from “Equal Weight” to “Overweight” at Morgan Stanley. The firm has raised its rating....More>>>

Top 10 Valued Stocks To Watch Right Now

You may have noticed: Mortgage rates are spiking. From a low of 3.34% earlier this year, the average 30-year mortgage now runs 3.81%. Most of that gain came in the last week.

What’s going on? It’s likely a combination of two things. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke hinted last week that the Fed may begin tapering its “quantitative easing” policies sooner than....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Buy For 2016

The global semiconductor market is one of the most important areas in all of tech. Despite its size, it remains a somewhat fragmented, divergent market. At the top of the food chain resides Intel (NASDAQ: INTC  ) , whose fortunes have faded lately with the rise of the mobile revolution. And riding that same wave to great success is Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM  ) . These are clearly....More>>>

Best New Stocks For 2016

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10 Best Logistics Stocks To Buy Right Now

More Americans are e-filing their taxes on their own this year, according to Internal Revenue Service data released Thursday.

As of March 7, nearly 27.4 million people had prepared their own taxes, a 5.8% increase over the same period last year, when 25.9 million had filed at home, the data show.

Returns filed by pros are down this season. Roughly 34.8 million Americans have had their....More>>>

Best Regional Bank Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Last month, J.M. Smucker (SJM) sold off sharply when fiscal second-quarter financial results failed to live up to Wall Street’s expectations thanks to falling coffee sales, and the food company cut its sales estimate for the 2014 fiscal year, predicting a 2% decline.

Wells Fargo doesn’t see things getting much better any times soon.

In a note published today, analysts John Baumgarter....More>>>

Top Investments For 2016

Edward Snowden appeared by videoconference at SXSW, but an interview with NBC is his first television sit-down.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) When Edward Snowden was identified as the source who leaked top-secret NSA documents last spring, reporters and television anchors immediately began jockeying to interview him.

How long, they wondered, might he wait to have his first sit-down television....More>>>